REAL artists give their best advice to beginners


We asked the question “If you could give one piece of advice to a new artist, what would it be?” to our Facebook fans. The responses we received were out of this world! With 80+ amazing tips from talented artists, we decided to choose our TOP 22 favorites to share. Read on for incredible advice that covers just about everything from handling mistakes to never putting your coffee cup next to the paint thinner.

1.    “Never ever compare yourself to another artist and never compare you work to someone else’s. Your work is unique to you and no one else can create it like you so be very proud of it!!!” – Michelle F.

2.    “Be prepared for some rejection but don’t let it stop or deter you from your vision.” – Dana M

3.    “My advice it to relax and thoroughly enjoy your art experience in the way a child would. Pursue the dream with your heart.” – Carleen A.

4.    “’Living the Artists Life, updated & revised edition’ by Paul Dorrell. It is chock full of excellent advice for young artists and some not so young artists. It is also very entertaining. He owns the Leopold Gallery, one of the most prestigious galleries here in Kansas City where I live. If I had been known about this book back in 2004, when it was 1st released, my life would be totally different now.” – Tricia R

5.    “Yes, your recommended book “Living the Artists Life” is an excellent suggestion .Another great book is: “The Art Spirit” by Robert Henri. Several editions have come out, and my first one is 1951 and the ideas are as great today as they were then. Good read. Art is Art. Happy creating – all types of arts.” – Margie M

6.    “There only one of you and use your special talent and show the world what you have.” – Judith M

7.    “To believe in yourself, and remember Rembrandt colored out side the lines at one time just like the rest of us. So don’t be afraid to color out side the lines you never know where it might lead you someday.” – Julia P

8.    “Embrace what you first see as a mistake…..that becomes your journey to a masterpiece. Don’t tell yourself how to do it right, just do it and let it show you how right it can be.” – Katherine T

9.    “Take some classes and workshops to save you years of trying things yourself and do some type of art everyday. 10,000 hours makes an expert at anything.” – Andrea H

10.    “I’m a new self taught artist with many goals to accomplish. My biggest advice is to never give up, keep at it ‘cause the rewards at the end are more than a dream. I just got accepted into my Dream of Graphics Art Design and was Awarded 2 Scholarships towards my Education. Never give up there’s always a Light at the End.” – Grissel F.

11.    “Determination… Great artistry never happened over night.” – Angie P

12.    “Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Open your eyes and begin. Do not be afraid to make an “ugly” painting. Do not over think yourself. Never never compare your work to someone else. Be brave and bold and go for it. Good luck. God bless.” – JoAnn P

13.    “Don’t put your coffee cup next to the paint thinner.” – Karen M

14.    “Explore every method, medium and idea — then decide what suits you best.” – Joan P

15.    “Just do it. The more you draw or paint the better you get.” – Barb P

16.     “If you love it, don’t give up! Your style is what your vision & your direction becomes & how you express yourself. The more you do it the better you get. Don’t give up.” – Dena K

17.    “DRAW! Develop your drawing skills by drawing regularly in your sketch book. If you can’t get in a good drawing class, get some good drawing books. Your drawing skills will transfer to your painting!” – Dorothy N

18.    “It is important to use quality materials. Really does make a difference.” – Ruth G

19.    “You will always be your own worst critic, don’t trash or throw away that work because looking back on it years later gives you insight into your own soul.” – Amy B

20.    “Don’t be scared to go for it. You will think ‘who will like this ‘. Some will some won’t. You will never know till they buy and who does buy will surprise you. Have fun. If you make a happy accident…then make a detour and make something else if you can’t undo it. Have fun. Enjoy. Just think you are taking your first steps to making YOUR DREAM COME TRUE. Good luck and paint on. And on and on.” – Brenda G

21.    “I’m one of these new artists, but my advice would be don’t be so hard on yourself, that’s one way to kill your confidence.” Kathy C.

22.     “It’s only paper!! Have fun with it.” – Barbro O’Malley

When it comes down to it, the two BIGGEST words of wisdom we heard from our artist friends are never give up and always enjoy what you create (don’t be so hard on yourself). These bits of advice are such powerful truths to live by, not only as artists, but as human beings. To join the conversation, head over to our Facebook page. Our community of encouragement, tips, inspiration, and art is where YOU need to be!

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