Does your life breed thankfulness?

Do you spend your time & energy complaining, or do you spend it being thankful for what you have?

SERIOUSLY. What type of environment are you creating for yourself to live in?

When was the last time you stopped and made a concerted effort at thinking about (or writing out) all that you have in your life? When was the last time said out loud, “I’m thankful for _______” and began to list out things that you often take for granted? If I’m being honest, it had been years since I had done this. I had made a habit of expecting things to happen as I wanted them to and when I wanted them to. I had allowed myself to become so focused on what I was going after that I never stopped and really thought about what I already had. I was not content with where I was at in life, and as a result, I was rarely thankful for what I already had. It was all about the pursuit of life.

“I’m not where I want to be professionally.”
“I don’t make enough money”
“I’ll never get out of this rut I’m in”
“I’m not good enough”
“No one appreciates what I do”

And on and on and on it goes. Sound familiar to anyone? I had allowed my mind to go to a very dangerous place. A place where I was so negative in all of my thinking that no matter what good things happened, I was always finding a way to put a negative twist on it. This is a powerless mindset my friends. Negativity breeds more negativity. I promise you this is true because I’m speaking from experience.

But I also know that your chain of negative thinking can be broken… because mine has. I’m not saying I don’t get in funks or have bad days because I still do. I’m just saying that now I don’t allow myself to get stuck there. I recognize my thought patterns and where they’re going and I STOP THEM! I get to CHOOSE what types of thoughts I want to think and because of this, my life is completely different. Side note- You don’t have to accept every thought that you think!!!

Did you catch what I said there? That I get to CHOOSE every thought that I think and my life is different because of that choice. Here is what I’m saying- your circumstances don’t have to change for your attitude to. You can choose to be thankful NOW! Don’t wait for the money to pour in, the anxiety to leave, the promotion to come, or the relationship to blossom in order to find reasons to be THANKFUL.

Be thankful for what you have and I promise you that your life will change. Sometimes we just need to take a step back and realize how much we do have before we can move forward in life. Sometimes all we need to is to gain a new perspective to be able to make it through whatever season we’re in at the moment.

Wherever you are, find reasons to be thankful. Because when you learn to focus on all that is going right for you, you’ll understand the power of being thankful.

My challenge to you is this: Make being thankful a daily practice that you do. Take a few moments at the beginning of each day and write out or say out loud the things you’re thankful for. Starting your day off with a thankful mindset will prepare you for each day and the obstacles it brings.

You can do this!

Caleb Hoopingarner

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