How to select a quality pen as a gift

How to select a quality pen as a gift
By Nicole Tinkham

Writing has become a lost art. Or should we say taking a pen to paper has become a lost art. We rarely write hand written letters or notes anymore and there’s a large amount of people who don’t even know how to write in cursive. That number is growing every single day and is kind of scary! Pens seem like simple, ordinary supplies to most people but are something we’re PASSIONATE about. And who could blame us? There’s nothing better than receiving a really great pen. To those who still use them, you know that quality pens are essential. Since we rarely buy the good ones for ourselves, fine writing pens make wonderful gifts. But there are more options than you probably think when it comes to picking one out. This guide can help you in selecting a quality writing pen as a gift. Get started by asking yourself the following 6 questions before making your purchase.

1.    How well do you know the recipient?
Nice writing pens are a very personal thing. Before you go picking out what YOU like and what feels comfortable for you, consider how well you know the recipient. What do they tend to write with and how often will they be using the pen? If you’re unsure, you may be better off getting that person a gift card so they can choose their own pen.

2.    What is the occasion?
A pen can be given as a gift for various occasions. Examples include a graduation, promotion, special milestone, birthday or holiday. Start thinking about what makes this pen so special. How important is the occasion? Is it one worth spending more money on? Would an engraving make it even more special or would it be too much?

3.    How often will the pen be used?
There are many different types of quality pens available. Fountain pens, for example, are elegant but can dry up and need to be cleaned out thoroughly. If the pen won’t be used often, we advise against a fountain pen. Ballpoint pens are recommended for everyday use as they’re easy to maintain and offer smooth writing. Roller ball pens are great but not for all day writing as they require more pressure and could become uncomfortable.

4.    What is the recipient currently using?
Not all pens write the same. You can test out a few different pen types and you’ll understand exactly what we’re talking about. Fountain pens use a nib and are more sensitive to pressure. Many people need a little practice with fountain pens if they’ve never written with them before. Ballpoint pens write very easily and roller ball pens are somewhere in between the two. What we’re trying to say: Don’t guess. Find out what the recipient is already comfortable using.

5.    What’s their style?
Each type of pen (fountain, ballpoint, and roller ball) comes in a variety of styles. There are slim styles, fatter barrels, pens with a serious look, and pens that come in fun colors. Consider the style the recipient prefers and the occasion in which you are gifting it for. Which pen matches their personality?

6.    Would they need any extras?
Some pens double as a stylus. Others can also be used as a pencil. Sometimes you can find a pen that switches between two colors of ink. Consider any extras that the recipient would find useful.

When you’re shopping around for the perfect pen, you’ll notice that many Cross pens come in a gift box and there’s a reason for that. Fine writing pens make excellent gifts! When’s the last time you treated yourself to a quality pen? We bet it doesn’t happen too often. That’s why people get so excited over receiving them as gifts. It’s a special little treat that they don’t often get. As you can see, there are a ton of choices that have to be made when spending money on a quality pen. If you need any further help when making your pen purchase, give us a call (941-747-2995) or stop by and take a look at what we have in our pen showcases!

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