7 Ways to spread holiday cheer in the office

By Nicole Tinkham

7 Ways to spread holiday cheer in the office

While most people are a little bubblier and cheerful around the holidays, there always seems to be at least one scrooge in the mix. You can’t force a smile on that person’s face or make them happy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try. That’s what we try to do around here. We like to spread positive vibes and cheer not only when Christmas approaches but every single day. There’s nothing we love more than gathering the Keeton’s family and spending quality time together. That’s why we put together these 7 ideas for spreading holiday cheer in the office.

1.    Pass along seasons greetings
When you stroll through the office, add a little something to your greeting when passing by co-workers. Instead of a smile and “hi” say “happy holidays”. Be cheerful and happy 🙂

2.    Attend parties
You will probably be invited to numerous office parties and networking events around this time of year. Be sure to make an appearance, spend time with co-workers you don’t normally see on a daily basis, and meet new people.

3.    Secret Santa
A company wide gift exchange can be super fun and allows you to get to know some of your co-workers a little better. Have employees sign up to participate and be sure to set a budget.

4.    Bake off
Everyone seems to head to the kitchen around the holidays to bake up some sweet treats. It’s the perfect opportunity to host an office bake off! Who doesn’t like a good Christmas cookie?

5.    Cubical decorating contest
There’s always the one co-worker who goes overboard decorating for every holiday. This year turn it into a contest. This is so much fun! Employees can decorate their personal space festively and everyone can vote on a winner.

6.    Give back
This year Keeton’s is adopting a family for Christmas. We’re all pitching in to get Christmas gifts for a family in need. Giving back to the community as a company really brings everyone together and it’s an amazing feeling to be able to help others.

7.    Theme day
Have a little fun on the Fridays leading up to Christmas. Instead of the ordinary casual Friday, have silly hat day or ugly sweater day. Just another way to have some fun on a Friday!

It really doesn’t matter what you decide to do in the office to celebrate the holidays as long as everyone’s happy. Try to get the company together and plan to do something fun. It’s the perfect time to get to know one another and show gratitude to co-workers. Make this month count!

What are some of your favorite traditions to do around the holidays? COMMENT below or over on our Facebook page and let us know what your office does!

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