How to show love and get along with others

By Nicole Tinkham


The holiday of love is right around the corner and there’s no better time to start building relationships with those around you, especially with those whom you don’t particularly get along with. We know you’ve heard it all before but life’s too short to hold grudges. It’s true! We must learn how to get along and be around each other peacefully. Sure, we may have our differences but we’re all in this together. We all have our happy moments and we all go through our own struggles. It’s time to treat each other with respect. Let’s start showing more love and start getting along with others. Here’s how!

Don’t talk badly about another person, no matter if they’re in the room or not.

Negativity spreads like wildfire. Before you know it, the whole office is in a bad mood because you complained that someone made a mess of the microwave. Not only does this put the people around you in a bad mood but word can get out to that person you’re bad mouthing regardless if they’re in the room or not. People love to gossip. Good news is that positive words can go far too. Instead of pointing out the flaws in others, point out their strengths. Thank someone for helping you out. Pay a compliment. Or simply smile. Soon everyone around you will be much more cheerful too.

Avoid exaggerations like “never” and “always”.

Sometimes the words “never” and “always” can come off as negative. For example “you never do your job” or “you’re always distracted”. Be careful with these words. You don’t want to start any unnecessary drama. However, if you use them the right way, they’re positive and uplifting. For example, “You’re always doing an excellent job”. Just be careful with your wording and be sure to have a positive tone. Even if you don’t mean it to come out sounding a certain way, other people may hear it differently.

Talk about your feelings and clear the air.

If there’s tension between you and someone you work closely with, you may want to clear the air so you can move on. Share your feelings and discuss the issues the two of you have, being careful not to start an argument. Speak honestly and also listen to what the other person has to say. Do your best to solve any problems and remember that you don’t have to become best friends in the end. The goal is to just keep the peace.

Just be nice.

Sometimes it seems like there is always one person in your life that you just don’t get along with. There may not be a clear reason why but there’s tension between you. That’s ok! You don’t have to engage in long conversations or go out of your way to compliment them. But, remember what we said above, complimenting or encouraging them can go a long way in establishing a healthy relationship and break down any walls you may have. If you learn to see them for their value, you will notice a big difference in the way you treat them! It doesn’t take much to be nice!

Find inner peace.

Before you work on your relationships with others, it’s important to work on yourself. Do something you enjoy every single day. Spend time focusing on yourself. Clear your mind with some meditation or music that calms you. Read a good book or do some writing. Whatever it is, make sure you focus on growing as a person.

Don’t take things personally.

It’s easy to take things the wrong way especially at work. When someone else makes a suggestion, they aren’t trying to put you down although it can seem that way at times. Don’t sweat the small stuff and don’t take things too personally.

Always look for positives in every situation.

Positive thoughts = a positive outcome. What you think about becomes your reality. If you have a more positive attitude, so will others around you. If you’re friendly and go into to office with a big smile on your face, your co-workers will start doing the same.

Know when to not say anything.

Sometimes things are better left unsaid even when you’re just trying to help. If you think it could be interpreted the wrong way or hurt feelings, it’s probably better to keep your mouth shut.

Figure out their communication style.

If you’re not meshing well with someone else, maybe it lies in your communication style. Remember, we are all very different people. Observe how others interact with that person and try to pinpoint where you’re going wrong. The goal of conversation is to understand others, not agree with them.

Take a whiff of lavender.

It’s said that the smell of lavender promotes a calmer state of mind. It enhances relaxation putting you and those around you in a better mood. Keeping your cool also helps you get along better with others.

You shouldn’t dread stepping foot in the office for fear of conflict and not getting along with co-workers. Most of the time, any drama that you’re experiencing is silly anyway. Two things you need to remember: Don’t take part in the gossip and don’t let the little things bother you. Instead, focus on spreading more LOVE! Tell us, how do you keep things cheery in the office? Comment your strategy below!

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