6 Reasons why you can’t draw and how to improve

6 Reasons why you can't draw and how to improve

Ever hear the phrase “I can’t even draw a stick figure”? Of course you have! You may have even used it yourself. I know I have (Nicole). People think they simply weren’t born to draw well. They admire other’s work but never actually pick up the pencil themselves for fear of failure. It’s all an excuse! Yes, drawing is difficult but it’s not impossible. If you keep telling yourself that you can’t draw, we’ll tell you WHY you can’t and also give you ways on how you can improve.

1.    You aren’t practicing
How do you expect to get better at any skill if you aren’t practicing? Even if you have a natural talent in a certain area, you’ll never improve if you don’t practice it. Drawing isn’t something that you either can or can’t do. Anything is possible if you practice. And we recommend practicing DAILY if you’re serious about improving your skill.

2.    You aren’t used to the media
The way you handle charcoal, a graphite pencil, and pastels vary greatly. If you’re unfamiliar with these, there’s going to be a learning curve until you get the hang of it. Again, we’re going to tell you to practice. It really is the key to getting better in any area of your life.

3.    You don’t take it seriously
Things come naturally to some people and other people struggle with it. Don’t expect drawing to just flow from your hands like magic without putting the work into it. Take the time and really work on your skill. You’ll mess up and get frustrated but that’s perfectly normal. Keep at it and take it seriously if you really want to succeed.

4.    You don’t believe in yourself
If you don’t honestly believe you can accomplish something (like drawing), you won’t ever achieve it. You have as equal an opportunity as everyone else. Anyone can draw well if they practice and put forth the effort. You’d be amazed at what you can do when you start cheering yourself on.

5.    You aren’t focused
It may sound silly but talking can greatly effect your drawing and not in a good way. Since language uses the left side of your brain and identifying images uses the right side, trying to do the two at once can cause a brain freeze. Don’t use your drawing time as a social hour. Instead, get focused on your drawing.

6.    You aren’t seeing the world as it really is
If you’re struggling to draw your object how it looks, you might not be seeing it clearly. Here’s what we mean. Things can appear larger for example if they’re closer to you. Again, we’re going to tell you to keep practicing! If a drawing looks off to you, examine it and figure out where you went wrong and how to correct it. Sometimes looking at your artwork upside down or in a mirror can help you pinpoint where the mistake lies. You also may not know where to begin. If you’re having trouble getting your “artist eye”, we recommend taking a workshop to learn the basics.

What it really boils down to is your belief. If you don’t think you’ll ever be able to draw like a pro, you need to change your mindset. This applies to any area of your life. Believing that you can do something is always the very first step. Next you want to practice, practice, practice! It is so important to keep working on your art in order to improve. Get focused, take it seriously, and never give up. Even if you think you don’t have the drawing skill in your blood, you can learn it.

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