How to find the best paper for Copic markers in 5 easy steps

By Nicole Tinkham

How to find the best paper for Copic markers

Stop guessing! You shouldn’t have to invest in various types of paper to determine whether or not your Copic markers will work well on it. Here’s a quick and easy test to finding the BEST paper for your Copic markers so you don’t go wasting any more paper. (Note: This will take testing on a few types of cardstock but once you discover the perfect one, you’re golden)

Step #1: Gather your supplies

You’ll need cardstock samples to test on (be sure to record which type each is on the back so you don’t get them mixed up), something round to trace with a pencil, and a medium shade Copic marker (and a darker one to test shading).

Step #2: Drawing and filling in your circle

Trace your circle in pencil on each sheet of cardstock. Next, color in each circle with your Copic marker. Be sure to reach the line, not going past it.

Step #3: Examine the feathering

Take a look at the edge of your colored circle and notice whether or not there’s any feathering that goes beyond the drawn line. You want to choose the clearest and cleanest option in the test.

Step #4: Flip your cardstock over

Next you’ll take a look at the back of the cardstock at the bleed through. This will tell you how evenly the ink was applied. The blotchier and more uneven the bleed through is, the worse that type of paper is when using  Copic markers.

Step # 5: Test the shading

Surprisingly, the type of cardstock used greatly effects the markers ability to blend evenly. With your darker marker, shade one side of the circle and use the lighter shade to blend it all together. A no good cardstock will leave streaks when trying to blend.

This little test may seem stupid simple but it’s supposed to be! Sometimes we don’t realize that we aren’t using the ideal paper for our project until it’s too late and then it’s just a huge bummer. Before you put in all the work, take this easy test to find out the BEST paper for your Copic markers. Remember to take note of the cardstock that you like best or keep your sample cards for future reference.

Did this test work? Tell us, what type of cardstock did you find to be the best to use with Copic markers??

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