Design a Custom Office Chair in 10 Minutes or Less!

By Nicole Tinkham

True or False: There is nothing in the world that is better than a great office chair. If you share in our enthusiasm for beautiful office chairs, you would probably agree with us when we say that statement is TRUE :). Many of your favorite office supplies reflect your personality (colorful Post-it Notes, a unique tape dispenser, a fun calendar, etc.), so we think it only makes sense that you would have a chair to do the same. The ChairBuilder program from Sit On It allows you to do just that with numerous options including color, seat adjustments, arms, base, and more. The whole process is fun and easy (trust us, we’ve tried it!) so read on to see how you can start creating your dream chair.

1. Go to


Once you’re on the website, there will be a scrolling banner. Click on the slide featuring the ChairBuilder.
2. Choose the category, or type of chair.


You’ll have three options here: Task Chair (your ordinary office chair), Stool (for higher counters/desks), and Multipurpose Chairs.
3. Select a style.


Upon selecting the category, you’ll also have to choose the style of the chair. We like the fact that you aren’t redirected to a new page here, making easy to go back and change your mind.
4. Select a specific chair.


You now have a few more options within the style chosen. As you can see, these options refer to the back of the chair. If you’d like to change the style at this point, you can click the “Back to Category” button in the upper right.
5. Choose your chair.


From here, you can select a chair that suites your needs or you can select “Design Your Own” for further customization. We’re going to take it a step further and design our own.
6. Choose your specs.




If you choose to design your own chair, you’ll be given several different options. Don’t feel overwhelmed though as all options are categorized (back, mechanism, arms, base, material, and even packaging) making it easy to scroll though and make your selections. The image of your custom chair (above) updates with every change you make. You can zoom in, view different angles, and either email or save the image. When you’re in love with your custom chair, click the “Finalize Spec” button under the chair preview.
7. Finalize.


Here’s where you can review your chair creation. If you need to change anything, click the “Edit Spec” or “Start Over” button in the top right of the page. If you’re happy with your chair, you can download a PDF of the product sheet. And that’s it! Your custom design is done and you’re ready to place the order. From here, you can email our furniture specialist Carole ( and she’ll make your beautiful creation become a reality!

Remember, a great office chair is the key to a happy and healthy work environment! So have fun, get crazy with your design, and spice your workspace up with a beautiful chair! If you explore the site and decide to create your own chair (even if it’s just for fun), we’d love to see it. Head on over to our Facebook page and post a picture of your design!

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