The product line that will TRANSFORM your artwork

By Nicole Tinkham


Listen up artists! We have a brand new display in our retail store that we’ve been eagerly awaiting to announce. Now that’s it’s all put together it’s time for us to spill the beans!

There’s a FUN trend happening right now in the art world. It’s called INTERMIXING. Maybe you’ve heard of it and already started playing around. Intermixing is all about combining various mediums together in one project to create something totally UNIQUE. It’s time to let your funky personality shine. It’s time to let loose. It’s time to experiment!

Maybe you’ve played around with a few different mediums in the past, possibly ink and acrylics. But we bet you haven’t attempted to mix ALL 5 of these in one project.

We’re adding SPRAY PAINT and PAINT MARKERS to the mix. For real! This is so much fun!

Here’s what’s NEW (or at least the new line designed for intermixing) from Liquitex.

Heavy Body Acrylics– These are nice & THICK. Use them to retain brush and palette knife strokes.

Soft Body– These are fluid acrylics perfect for coverage.

Spray Paint– This is where things get exciting. The Liquitex spray paint uses low odor water-based technology with amazing color.

Paint Marker– Let the fun begin! Liquitex paint markers are water-based permanent colors. They also have nibs that give you total control.

Ink!– This is where you get INTENSE colors with water-resistance.

How do these 5 totally different mediums blend together you ask? Check out this pretty incredible mixed media project by Hannah Adamaszek for inspiration.

You no longer have to guess which mediums work well together. Liquitex has made it super simple by designing their line to be fully intermixable. You now have total control.

Note: When attempting to mix mediums in this Liquitex line, remember to have fun. This is all about trying new things!! Experiment and see what you come up with.

Interested as to what our BRAND NEW Liquitex Intermixable display looks like? STOP IN! (Or check out the photo below 🙂 )

check out our

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