13 Ways To Take It Easy On Yourself

By Nicole Tinkham

13 Ways to take it easy on yourself.jpg

Artists are put under so much pressure. Not everyone will understand that but we know this to be true. How? We’ve been listening to YOU and what you had to say. When chatting with our artist friends on Facebook, we discovered that stress and anxiety goes along with being an artist.  What if your work isn’t good enough? What if you can’t get anyone to buy it? The fear of actually showing your artwork to other people can be downright terrifying. If this sounds anything like you, you need to stop being so hard on yourself! Here’s how to gain confidence and 13 ways to take it easy on yourself.

1.    Mistakes DO NOT = failure!
You know what happens when you make a mistake? You LEARN! It’s actually the best way to grow and improve as an artist so start embracing those mistakes.

2.    Change your tone
No, you’re not crazy for talking to yourself! We all do it. We all have this little voice inside our heads. That voice can remind us of all the things we’re doing wrong or it could tell us just how amazing we are. The choice is yours so choose to talk to yourself in a positive tone!

3.    Use criticism to push you forward
When other people tell you that you can’t do it, use that to push you even further. Don’t let anyone get in your way. Succeed and you might even prove them wrong in the process!

4.    Focus on your own progress
It’s great to look to others for inspiration but don’t compare yourself to them. Everyone is in a different place in their journey, and you’re responsible to walk your own life. Focus on your own journey and how far you’ve come, and even where you want to be one day.

5.    You won’t be perfect at everything
We all have strengths and weaknesses. When you’re feeling down about one of your weaknesses, remind yourself of all the strengths you have. You are a better artist than you may sometimes think.

6.    Break the rules
Thinking outside the box is what you do best. So when you just can’t figure something out, don’t give up. Instead, think outside the box and figure out a way to do it differently.

7.    Be selective with your friends
The people you spend the most time with shape your life. If your friends are negative and are constantly pulling you down with them, it may be time to get some new positive friends who lift you up and help you achieve your biggest goals.

8.    You won’t get it right the first time
Any skill in life takes time and practice but this is especially true in the art world. Learning a new technique can cause some major frustration but keep at it consistently and you will see an improvement.

9.    Take a break
We know that the artist life means long hours and late nights but remember that you also need rest to perform your best! There’s no shame in taking breaks when needed.

10.    Focus on what you’re doing right now
Don’t let past mistakes or fear of the future hold you back from being your best right now. You can achieve amazing things if you give it all you got right now in the moment.

11.    Understand that you can’t control everything
BUT you can control how you handle situations that come up. Will you stress over it for months and get all bent out of shape or will you accept it and move on with a positive mindset?

12.    Celebrate every victory, big or small
Don’t get too hung up on what you still have left to do in order to reach your goals. Enjoy the journey and celebrate every win along the way.

13.    Take it one day at a time
Survive this day and do your best at whatever it is you’re striving for. If you give it your absolute best, you won’t have to second guess yourself, wondering if you tried hard enough.

Being hard on yourself may seem like the right thing to do. Great things in life come from hard work, right? While this may be true, being too hard on yourself results in stress and decreased productivity. Both things will not get you closer to success! Instead, keep this list in mind as you work on your next project. Do you need to cut yourself some slack? Always remember that life is supposed to be fun so if you’re not finding joy in what you do, it’s time to make a change.

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