11 Unique Forms Of Art That You Haven’t Tried Before

By Nicole Tinkham

11 Unique Forms Of Art That You Haven’t Tried Before

I’m always encouraging artists (or anyone, really) to try new things. Mostly in the art world it’s all about trying a new medium you aren’t used to. This could spark new creativity to get out of a creative rut as well as improve your art skills all around. I often recommend subtle shifts like switching from acrylics to watercolor or from pencil drawing to pastels. These changes can be huge as these mediums vary greatly. However, if you’re really looking to do something different and get out of your comfort zone, why not try your hand at cake decorating or quilting? The idea is to try something totally different and foreign to you. This will really open up possibilities. If you’re not a fan of change, keep an open mind and just try it out.  It’s not like you have to stick with it forever. If you want to try something different but not sure what, here are 11 unique forms of art that you haven’t tried before. Even if you have tried a few of these, there’s probably one or two you haven’t!

1.    Cake decorating
One of my favorite things in the world is food so turn it into a piece of artwork and I’m instantly awed. You don’t have to stop at cake decorating either. You can decorate cookies, chocolate covered fruit, and much more.

2.    Quilting
There are so many creative things you can do in the world of quilting! I remember my mom used to make really fun quilts for the family. My favorite as a kid was one made with all my old clothes. Get some use out of those scrap pieces of fabric and try out quilting!

3.    Musical instrument
So many times we forget about music when we think of art (or at least I do). Learning how to play a new instrument may be just the thing you need to mix up your creativity a little bit.

4.    Sculpting
If you’re used to working on a canvas, try taking your art 3D with sculpting.

5.    Jewelry making
When I was into jewelry making a few years ago, I quickly learned that it’s all about color! Oh and patience. But you always start with a pattern and have your bead colors picked out. If you’re a color person like me, you’ll do well with jewelry making.

6.    Embroidery
I have been seeing the most unique embroidery pieces lately. Get creative with it. I even saw one artist who embroiders on plastic bags!

7.    Graffiti art
Graffiti art is our jam right now with our community wall right here at Keeton’s. Anyone can stop by and leave their mark on our warehouse 🙂

8.    Woodworking
Woodworking is another form of art I easily forget about but there are so many possibilities. My father used to make the most beautiful wooden jewelry boxes for us. You can even get into wood burning if you don’t have all the tools necessary to build your own pieces.

9.    Graphic design
Typically for graphic design, you’ll need a few special programs on your computer but if you already have Photoshop or Illustrator, we suggest playing around with them! There’s so much you can do and learn by taking your artwork digital.

10.    Photography
You may be used to taking reference photos for your artwork but how much do you really know about photography? Taking a quick course or finding YouTube videos can teach you a lot. Just think of all the incredible photos you’ll be able to take of your paintings.

11.    Glass blowing
This has been something that has always fascinated me. I guess the thing holding me back from giving it a try is not knowing where to start. Doing a quick Google search, I see that there are actually classes on glass blowing. Definitely something to look into!

Sometimes you just need to try something new and that’s the beauty behind creative work. There are endless possibilities, various difficulty levels, and numerous skill sets. Whether you’re an artist in a creative rut or just someone looking to find their creative side, these 11 unique forms of art are sure to get you out of your comfort zone (as long as you choose something you’ve never done before). You may hate doing some of these things but you never know until you try it so set your fear of failure aside and just get started!

From this list, which of these unique forms of art have you tried??

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