How To Choose A Blog Topic That Speaks To You

By Nicole Tinkham


Something that has recently come up on our Facebook page is blogging. Many artists would love to start a blog but have no clue where to start. In our first segment on blogging, we went over how to set up your own blog in 6 simple steps. We touched on how to come up with content ideas but now it’s time to really get into it. If you’ve set up your blog and are experiencing writers block or are overwhelmed with too many ideas, we can help! Here’s how to choose a blog topic that speaks to you.

Are you being yourself?

This is YOUR BLOG! There are so many other blogs out there that readers can choose from, having similar content to your blog. Why should a reader choose yours? Be a little different and let your personality shine through. Blog about the things that interest you most. If you’re fun and laid back, don’t try to be super formal in your writing. Write in the same language you use in everyday life. This will attract more like-minded people to your blog and make it easier for you to build a relationship with those people. You also don’t have to stick to one particular topic. There are so many different branches you can go off from the main theme of your blog. Take our blog, for instance. One day we’ll blog about acrylic painting techniques, another day it’s how to be happier in your life and the next it’s about growing your art business. They’re all different yet make sense together.

Are you solving a problem?

When you do some research online and look up various blogs, what are you really searching for? Most likely you’re looking for an answer or solution to your problem. When coming up with a blog post idea, think about what other people are often asking you. What are other artists searching for online? What are YOU looking up answers to? Be a resource for other people. Be the blog they go to for incredible information! We know many artists who experiment with their artwork and try new things. This is the perfect opportunity to share what you’ve learned and your personal tips and tricks.

Are you encouraging?

So many people have a fear of simply getting started whether it be starting their own business or just beginning an art project. There is no greater feeling that being able to help change someone’s life by giving them the encouragement they need to start. Positive and uplifting blog posts have a greater impact on others than you may think. They actually have a huge impact on you as well! It’s great to be informative but we also suggest throwing in a little motivation as well. These posts don’t have to be long, just make sure they come from the heart.

Not sure if this type of post is for you? We’ve actually been sending out encouraging emails every Monday morning and have received an incredible amount of positive feedback. Sometimes what’s on your heart is exactly what someone else needs to hear at that very moment. You can sign up to receive our encouraging emails here.

What are you most passionate about?

One way to never run out of blogging ideas is to blog about the thing you’re most passionate about. What’s one thing you can’t stop thinking about? What to you talk most about to other people? What keeps you up at night? What excites you? Once you figure out exactly what you’re passionate about, the ideas will start to flow and you won’t run into trouble thinking up blog ideas. They’ll just come naturally. Sometimes your passions change and that’s totally fine. Just go with the flow and share what’s currently inspiring you.

What is your unique twist?

We mentioned the importance of being yourself but is there other ways you can stand out in the crowd? Maybe you’re better on video in which case you can turn your blog into a vlog (or video blog). Do you interview local artists? Maybe do some sort of fun post on Friday’s. You could even have wild card blogs where you throw in some of your favorite recipes among your art posts. You can showcase other artists on your blog or have a critique day. Another fun idea would be product reviews. The options are endless so get a little creative and do something totally unique!

What are some of your favorite blogs?

What made you subscribe to your favorite blogs? What do you like about them? Let these blogs be your inspiration but don’t copy them! Look at what topics interest you, the length of the blogs you like to read, and the structure of the blogs.

There seems to be a lot to think about when starting up a new blog but don’t let that overwhelm you. Don’t let this be the reason you never get started. When you find yourself completely lost, always go with your heart. What do you love to talk about? What are you passionate about? What do you have to share with the world? Be unique and be yourself – you do not have to be perfect! Choosing a blog topic that speaks to you should come easily if you keep these things in mind.

Have a blog already set up? Share a link with us in the comments below! We can’t wait to see what you’ve been blogging about!

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