The Power Of A Success Partner And How To Find One

By Nicole Tinkham

The Power Of A Success Partner And How To Find One(1).jpg

I have always thought that I could do everything on my own and never needed anyone’s help. I can be a little picky about the way I do things and figured it was just better for me to work solo. I think a lot of people feel that way. Anyway, I did this with my weight loss journey and with other goals I had in my life and the process was really slow. I was learning along the way but I had no idea what I was doing or how to get to where I wanted to be. I also didn’t have anyone pushing me and holding me accountable along my journey. That was the biggest thing that held me back from reaching my goals much sooner. Even though I was learning along the way, I feel like there was so much wasted time that could have been spent moving forward instead of stuck where I was at. Whether your goal is to start an art business or to live a healthier lifestyle, the number one thing you need to do is take action and a success partner can help you get there. You’re probably wondering what a success partner is, how they can help you, and how you can find one. Read on to find out!

What Is A Success Partner?

A success partner isn’t necessarily someone that you have to pay for their services, like a life coach. It can be! But it doesn’t have to be. Your success partner can be a friend, another professional, a family member, or a spouse. They can be going after a similar goal or have their own unique goals. The important thing is that you have a deep understanding and connection with that person.

Your success partner is a person who understands what you want to accomplish, can help you lay out the steps needed to take in order to reach your goals, and someone who helps you stay on track and pushes you when you feel like giving up. You’ll talk with your success partner about your plans and progress as well as give feedback and advice to one another. I also find it fun to brainstorm with this person and come up with new things to try and creative strategies which help you grow personally and professionally.

You’ll want to meet with your success partner regularly, most likely weekly. When you chat with them, you should be serious and get right down to business without procrastinating. If you need to, allow 5 minutes to vent but then no more complaining! I suggest having an agenda to keep you on task. Talk about what went well in the past week, your goals from the past week, action steps to improve and new goals.

IMPORTANT! Be consistent with your meetings. This should be a professional conversation and you should always take your goals as well as your success partner’s seriously. Meet or talk at the same time each week. It can be a short meeting as long as you’re focused and efficient.

Also remember that your relationship doesn’t have to be strictly professional. You and your success partner can talk casually throughout the week, check in on each other, and just be really good friends. As your relationship grows you’ll form a strong bond and most likely, will start talking more frequently.

How Can A Success Partner Help You?

If you’re anything like I was in the beginning, you don’t think you need a success partner. You think you’re on the right track and already know exactly what you’re doing. Reality check! No matter what your goals are they’re scary. And if they don’t scare you then they’re not big enough. It’s so easy to feel completely alone when life gets difficult. There are so many times when I feel like people just don’t understand me. But my success partner always does. They’re always there for you and you’re never alone as long as you have one.

The most IMPORTANT way a success partner can help you is by you making a promise to that person. Promise your success partner that you’ll reach a specific goal by a set date. Once you do this, you will do everything you can to not let that person down. It really works!

When we set goals, we typically set ones that we know we can easily reach. A success partner will push you a step further and let you know when to set bigger goals. They are totally real with you and will honestly tell you when you need to step it up.

When you’re completely stuck on a certain problem, sometimes you just need someone to listen. But other times you need an answer or advice on how to handle a situation. That’s where your success partner comes in. That’s what they’re there for! To help you overcome the difficult times. And of course, you would do the same for them.

How To Find A Success Partner

Finding your ideal success partner is just like dating. You may not find your soul mate on the first “date”. You have to click with that person, have a strong connection, understand each other, and have a relationship where you aren’t afraid to give some tough love and really push one another. As with dating, you’ll want to chat back and forth to get to know each other a little better. You can even “date” around with a few people until you find the right fit. Remember that it goes both ways. How can you also help THEM? What will they get out of this partnership?

As far as where to find these people to “date” or start talking to, you have many options. Think about the people you already know in your life and keep in mind that this person doesn’t have to be local. You can chat virtually through email, Facebook, a phone call, or Skype. All of those things work well and if you can manage to meet up at some point, that would be awesome too. You can also check out local events to meet new people. Remember that you are just getting to know them at first so there’s no pressure! Another way to find potential success partners is through Facebook group pages. Find a topic you’re passionate about and start connecting on there.

When you’re talking to people, pay attention to where they’re at in their lives. Are they where you one day want to be? Do you look up to them? I caution getting involved with anyone who may bring you down rather than lift you up. The last thing you need is a negative success partner. You won’t go anywhere except perhaps backwards. But it’s totally ok if they’re in the same position as you. You can always move forward together.
You may find a success partnership that you really think will work out and then it just doesn’t. That’s fine! Be honest (but kind) with that person and move on. Just like with a real relationship, you don’t want to waste your time if it’s going nowhere. Don’t become discouraged, your soul mate success partner is out there somewhere and you will find them!

Many of the artists I’ve been talking to on the Keeton’s Facebook page have huge dreams and I love the uplifting and supportive artists in the community. Some are retired and focusing on their art. Some would love to quit their jobs and just create all day long. Some of them already own an art business and are super successful! No matter where you’re at as an artist or anywhere else in your life, you can benefit from having a success partner. They help you achieve things you never thought possible. They keep you focused and on track to reaching your goals. And they’re always there for you when you’re feeling totally defeated. Finding a success partner should be fun so get out there and mingle with some like-minded people! Note: When it feels right, you just know 🙂

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