4 Things To Know About The InkTober Challenge

By Nicole Tinkham
LISTEN UP ARTISTS!! InkTober is upon us again and it’s the perfect opportunity to either get your feet wet with pen and ink drawings or show off your skills to your Facebook friends. Don’t worry, we’ll explain how all this works in this blog. Here are 4 things you need to know going into the InkTober Challenge.

1.How it all began

Jake Parker created the InkTober Challenge in 2009 with the goal to improve his inking skills. He kept himself accountable by posting a new drawing on social media sites every day for the month of October. Now artists all over the world take on the InkTober Challenge every October. Anyone can do it, just pick up a pen and draw your heart out! Artists range from complete beginners to the professional artist. No judgment or critique, this is made to be fun and to improve your skills.

2.The rules

This year we are participating in the InkTober Challenge and we are so excited to have you JOIN US! The rules are simple:

*Create a drawing in ink (anything you want!) and share it with us on our Facebook page.

*You can post daily, every other day, or weekly – the choice is yours!

*Use #inktober with your post so other InkTober challengers can find your creations for inspiration.

*Every week we’ll pick a drawing at random that you have shared with us and feature it on our Facebook page.

3. What you get out of it

Why should you participate in our Facebook community InkTober Challenge?? Because we have a ton of helpful tips and inspiration lined up for you throughout the entire month. Here’s what you can expect.

*31 drawing ideas for those days when you have no idea what to draw. You don’t have to follow these specific tasks to a letter but you can if you want!

*Ink-couragement: We’ll share motivation to keep you going through to Halloween!

*Ink-spiration: We’ll share incredible ink artwork to inspire your next drawing.

*Weekly spotlight of a random participant’s entry.

*Ink tips and techniques along the way to help you improve.

*Check ins throughout the month to make sure you’re still with us.

*Celebration (and huge collage) of everyone’s artwork.

4.Why you should join us

We already have a strong community of supportive artists on our Facebook page and we think it would be so much fun to go through this InkTober challenge together. Don’t worry about not being a skilled pen and ink artist. This is your chance to try something  new and IMPROVE YOUR SKILLS! That’s the whole point of this challenge. It’s proven that the more you work at something, the more you will get better at it. That’s why you need to do this!! This is the perfect opportunity to get started. The excitement will be up in the month of October and we’ll hold you accountable throughout the entire month!

You want to join in on the InkTober fun now, don’t you? It’s super simple to join us. Simply ‘Like’ our Facebook page, post your drawings on our page using #inktober, and check in daily for inspiration, ink tips, and encouragement. We’ll get started 10/1.

And let us know, will you be joining us next month?? COMMENT below and let us know if you’re in! 🙂

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