7 Simple Ways To A Peaceful Mind

By Nicole Tinkham


Do you ever end your day with your mind spinning and you feel like you haven’t accomplished anything in the past 24 hours? Then you just lie in bed dreading all the things you must get done the following day knowing that you’ll be even busier now. It’s a vicious cycle and we know exactly how you feel. Life is not easy! But let us be totally real with you for a moment. You need to hear this. Stop everything you’re doing and really “listen” to this when you read it. When you allow stress into your life, you are not only wasting precious time being unhappy but you are also putting yourself at a huge health risk! Worry is more damaging than you may think. Worrying yourself sick is an actual thing and it’s dangerous. Plus it’s just not fun to worry all the time and isn’t that what life is all about? Having fun? We don’t want you to waste another minute that you could be loving life by stressing over the little things. Read on for 7 simple ways to start developing a mind that is at peace.

1.    Meditate

Meditation isn’t as complex and difficult as you may believe it to be. You don’t have to light candles or chant or do anything weird. It’s simply clearing your mind of the clutter and focusing on your breathing. Try it for just 5 minutes to start. Sit somewhere comfortable where there’s no distractions. Close your eyes and breathe in and out. When anything pops into your head good or bad, totally erase it from you mind and direct your focus back to your breathing. You don’t need to meditate for long, just 5 minutes really makes a difference.

2.    Get Creative

We fully believe that art is a form of therapy. We have heard countless stories on how getting creative has changed lives. But even if you don’t think you’re the creative type, there’s still something for you. We highly recommend adult coloring books to release stress. You don’t have to be an artist to enjoy this activity but you can get really creative with it. We’ve even heard of people hosting coloring parties with friends, how fun!

3.    Be quiet

Sometimes you just need to be alone in a quiet space where you can think. This is similar to meditation but quite the opposite. Instead of clearing your mind, do an activity where you really use your mind. Sometimes you just have so many ideas about every little thing and it gets stressful carrying that around with you. Every once in awhile a massive brainstorm session is needed to get everything unloaded from your head onto paper. Jot down EVERYTHING you can think of and pick and choose what you’ll take action on next.
Some other ways you can enjoy your alone time is by getting lost in a really great book, pamper yourself, or just sit in nature and take in all the beauty it has to offer.

4.    Get Active

Your mind and body like it when you get up and move! Dance in your living room, take a long walk, ride a bike, stretch it out, or take a hike just to get moving.

5.    Volunteer

Giving back to the community is one of the most rewarding feelings ever. If you don’t normally do volunteer work, it will totally change your thinking. Find an area that you’re passionate about and help out on the weekends or whenever you have a little extra time. Remember to give without expecting anything in return. When you put your energy into helping someone else, you in turn help yourself as well.

6.    Laugh

Laughter really is the best medicine and it can completely take your mind off any worries you may have. Get together with a group of friends and have a fun day out. Do something new and exciting that you don’t normally do. Do something child-like and just enjoy life.

7.    Get positive

This takes time but you want to start working on your mindset. Replace any negative thoughts with positive ones, find something wonderful in every situation even the bad ones, love everyone for who they are and spread that love, realize that every obstacle presents itself with an opportunity for you to learn and grow, and be true to yourself. Be happy being the unique person you are.

What a peaceful mind really comes down to is just letting go of your worries and enjoying life. We only have one chance to live an incredible life. If you think about it that way it seems silly to sweat the small stuff, doesn’t it? Doesn’t it make more sense to just enjoy ourselves and do the things we love? Life is too short to not be chasing after what you want. Get in the right mindset and start making things happen! Listen to your body and your mind. Do the things that make you feel good. Focus on doing more of the things that make you happy and less on the things that stress you out. Begin this journey of yours by practicing the 7 simple ways to a peaceful mind mentioned in this blog. Then let us know how it has changed your life and the way you think! Please share your story with us in the comments below.

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