How To Grow A Community Of Like Minded People

By Nicole Tinkham


I am so blessed to be part of two very special online communities; one being the creative, goofy, fun group on the Keeton’s Facebook page and the other being the positive and uplifting people on my personal Facebook page. So many of our friends are thanking us for this community where people can just be themselves but really, we should be thanking YOU. Without our fans, our page would be nothing! We wouldn’t have a community at all. Our Facebook friends are the ones who lift us up and inspire us each and every day. As mentioned, I feel incredibly lucky to be part of both communities and if you just don’t quite fit into a particular tribe, I want to share with you how to create your own. I’ll explain how you can feel comfortable just being yourself, how you can connect to others and build friendships, how to grow your tribe, and how to share content that people want to see. This is great for any artist starting their own business or for anyone who just wants to meet new people. Read on for how you can grow a community of like minded people as we have.

Being Yourself

This is so important! There are many artists just like you out there so you must show the world how joining your tribe is different than anyone else’s. What about yourself makes you totally unique? What can other people relate to? If you’re an artist starting a new business, keep in mind that there’s more to who you are than just your art business. What else are you passionate about? Cooking? Pets? Family? These are the things that will make you stand out from everyone else. Don’t be scared to let your true self shine because there is someone out there exactly like you and when you draw that particular person to your community, something magical happens. There’s a special connection that takes place and a lifelong friendship is built.

Building Trust

Building trust has a lot to do with consistency. Say you’re building your community on Facebook. You better be posting at least one thing every day. You can’t just disappear for awhile and pop up whenever you feel like it. People won’t follow you. They want consistent information that they can relate to. In order to form these relationships you must show up every day. Also be open to your community. Share your struggles and vulnerabilities. They can relate to that and most likely they’ll want to help you out.

Relate To Your Audience

Always share your story with your community. If someone mentions that they’re struggling with a particular thing and you can relate, share that story with them and how you overcame it. If you don’t have a story of your own that deals with their situation, share a friend’s story and how they went through the same thing. People don’t like feeling that they’re the only one’s going through difficulties. Support them and let them know they’re not alone.

Provide Valuable Content

Remember that your tribe is very similar to your own personality. When you’re talking to this person, think about what interests you. What is something you would “like” on Facebook? What’s a blog topic you would read about? What are some things you excel at and can teach to others? What are some things you want to learn more about? What is your community asking for? Be sure you’re providing great content and advice so they keep coming back for more.

Talk To A Specific Person

Don’t try to reach every single person. When you do this, you aren’t truly connecting with like-minded people. Once you narrow down your audience and speak to a specific person that you can relate to, that’s when the relationship really builds. Also remember that you have the choice on who joins your tribe! If you’re too broad with your reach, you may catch some people that just don’t mesh well with your community.

Encourage Growth

Once you start building your community, encourage them to invite their friends to join you as well. Make it clear who the community is for and if others have friends who fit, this is a great way to grow the community. Eventually their friends will start inviting their friends and from there it will really expand.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re running your own business or just want to be part of something bigger than yourself. Anyone can create and grow a community of like minded people. It all starts with you being yourself. Share your own stories, struggles, successes, and at least one thing that makes you totally unique. Be consistent and show up every day. Remember, growing this community should excite you! If someone lands in your community and they don’t seem to belong, hear them out. Start a conversation and figure out what it was that made them join in the first place. Most likely if it’s not for them they’ll leave and move on to something that does suit their needs. People will come and go but the strong friendships you’ll make in your community are the ones that will last forever.

Tell us, what’s one unique thing about yourself that you could share with your community?

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