9 Super Easy Ways To Be A Nicer Person

By Nicole Tinkham


When we think about giving back, we often think about giving our time and money to the community. We immediately think of volunteering, helping out, and making a donation. These are all wonderful things but many of us can’t do them on a regular basis as we’d like to. There’s just not enough time in the day! But there are so many other ways you can make a huge difference to those around you. These things don’t cost you a dime and they’re so easy that you can accomplish several of them within one day. Read on for 9 super easy ways to be a nicer person. This will change your life!

1.    Compliment

Don’t throw out a compliment just to do it. Be sincere about it. Think about that person and the qualities about them that really stand out to you.

2.    Smile

If you’re in a bad mood, smiling will not only make you but everyone around you happy as well. Smile often and spread that joy. It’s totally free, so why not?

3.    “Thinking of you” call

Close your eyes and think about all the wonderful people in your life. The first couple people who come to mind, give them a quick “thinking of you” call. This can be a phone call, email, handwritten note, or a Facebook message. Just let them know that they were on your mind and ask how they’re doing. You never know, that person could really need you in their life at that particular time.

4.    Listen

So often we have conversations and while the other person is speaking, we’re going through in our head what we’ll say next. This is distracting and we may not get the full message from the other person. Instead, take some time to really listen. Be there for that other person without a hidden agenda.

5.    Hold the door open

It’s so simple but means so much! Holding the door open for someone, even a stranger, goes a long way.

6.    Stop complaining

The more you complain, the more you bring the people around you down! Take a full day without complaining, not even once. We bet you’ll feel a whole lot better and you’ll put others in a better mood too.

7.    Express gratitude

Let the other people in your life know how they have made a difference to you. It’s easy to forget about the small things someone else does for you consistently so take some time and really appreciate others.

8.    Notes of encouragement

Grab some Post Its and leave little notes of encouragement to anyone in your life. There’s nothing more powerful than the support of others.

9.    Forgive

This one is the most difficult on the list and it could take same time depending on the situation. It’s not easy to forgive and let go but once you do, you’ll both feel better.

It’s really not difficult to be a nicer person once you take the time to focus on other people. Smile more, have a positive attitude, listen to others, and just be happy. You can make a huge impact on others if you just keep these 9 things in mind throughout the day. Try it out for just one day (at least) to start and let us know how it goes!

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