26 Killer Art Tips From Real Artists


By Nicole Tinkham and the Keeton’s Facebook fans

We’ve asked for our Facebook fan’s best art tips in the past (view them here) but the helpful tips we receive from talented and experienced artists is never ending and we just can’t get enough of what they have to say. These are artists who have been through it all. They’ve struggled, received negative feedback, experienced times of being totally stuck, and they keep getting back up and continue to do what they love every single day. We all could learn so much from these artists and lucky for us they love to share their best tips! Read on for 26 killer art tips from real artists.

1.    Don’t be afraid to fail. It’s ok to fail, it’s what you do after the failure that matters. Learn something new from it and move on. (Artist Vanessa)

2.    Recognize your small ember of creative spark. It may one day become a creative explosion. (Artist Tia)

3.    Do your art from your heart and do it out of joy. (Artist Terry)

4.    Learn from other artists, don’t be intimidated by them. And practice every day! (Artist Jamie)

5.    Always turn mistakes into an active part of your art. (Artist Tami)

6.    Invest in a good book to teach yourself. (Artist Jnett)

7.    Create something every day, even if it’s just a scribble on paper. Keep going until you see the beauty. (Artist CJ)

8.    Focus on what you like to do and keep doing it. (Artist Vera)

9.    Ask artist friends for advice. (Artist Vera)

10.    Keep your coffee mug and your paint cup separate. (Artist Jamie)

11.    Find someone who gives you encouragement versus critique. We learn better with positive energy around us. (Artist Diane)

12.    Never be too hard on yourself. (Artist Tina)

13.    Join an art class! Creating with others is more inspiring and fun. (Artist Chuck)

14.    Honor your true self and don’t worry about what others think.(Artist Karla)

15.    There are no mistakes – push yourself beyond what you think you can do. (Artist Chris)

16.    Create because you are happy doing it, not because you want to prove something to others. (Artist Zhel)

17.    Go for patience, not perfection! (Artist Denise)

18.    Don’t judge your work, just enjoy it. (Artist KC)

19.    Some things will turn out and some things won’t. Either way it’s ok. (Artist Sue)

20.    If you feel it, do it and get it out. (Artist Cynthia)

21.    Never, ever give up. (Artist Rita)

22.    Try everything! (Artist Hayley)

23.    Keep doing your artwork every single day. (Artist Sandra)

24.    Set goals for improvement. (Artist Renee)

25.    Say to yourself “I AM an artist”. (Artist Renee)

26.    Experiment after you learn the basics. (Artist Charles)

There you have it. 26 Tips from real artists who have survived the struggles, learned from them, and are now sharing them to help you move past the difficult times that come with being an artist. This right here is a list to print out and read over whenever you hit a tough place. While all of these are excellent tips, our favorite has got to be having fun. Whether it’s in your art or any other hobby you pick up, always enjoy life.

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