21 Unique Fall Craft Ideas That Aren’t Wreaths

By Nicole Tinkham


While we absolutely love a beautiful fall wreath, we feel like it’s the typical craft to do this time of year. Plus once you have made a wreath, you usually don’t need another unless you’re giving it away to someone else. Regardless, we wanted to bring to you a list (of 21 to be exact) of different ways you can get crafty this fall season doing something other than the usual wreaths.

1.    Mason Jar Crafts

There is so much you can do with mason jars from food storage to decorating. They are an inexpensive way to decorate your home for the holidays and we love these super easy ideas!

•    Paint them in fun fall colors and use them as vases for autumn flowers.

•    Mod Podge some fake leaves around the outside and put a small candle inside the jar.

•    Turn them into something useful like utensil holders for your Thanksgiving dinner or a pencil cup (for writing all the things you’re thankful for). Simply paint the outside of the jar in fall colors and you can even paint a saying like “Give Thanks” to make it more festive.

•    We love Fairy Lights used in mason jars and you can get creative with what else you put in there too.

•    Fill them up with something colorful like candy corn or corn kernels.

•    A pretty autumn ribbon may be all you need. Just tie it around the top of the jar and put a small candle inside.

2.    Fun with leaves

When we think autumn, we think LEAVES! And lots of them depending on where you live. Here are some of our favorite ways to use them in crafts.

•    Wall art – You don’t even have to be an artist to pull this one off! Grab a canvas, lay some leaves on top in an eye pleasing composition, and spray paint over the entire canvas. When the leaves are removed, it will leave the silhouette of the leaves.

•    Create a fall banner with found leaves in your backyard. Use a string, clothes pins, and the best leaves you can find. Hint: These look really nice hung on the mantel.

•    Leaf prints – Find fun shaped leaves, paint one side with acrylic paint in fall colors, and press it onto a sheet of paper. You can then put the print in a frame and hang it up as your fall decorations.

•    Paint leaves – Gather a bunch of leaves from your backyard and get creative with them. You can paint dots, lines, or whatever you want. You can even use an ultrafine Sharpie and doodle right on them. These would make a great centerpiece if you put them all in a basket.

•    Easy leaf stained glass – Grab a nice variety of different leaves, place them on a piece of wax paper (arranging them how you want on half the sheet), fold the other half of the wax paper over the leaves, and placing a towel over top, iron over the project until the paper sticks. You can then create a frame with construction paper and hang the final piece in your window.

3.    Card Making

It doesn’t have to be Christmas to send out gifts and cards! In fact, shouldn’t we focus on giving thanks more so this month than any other? Don’t just go out and buy a card though. Get creative and make your own! Here are a few of our best tips when it comes to card making:

•    Keep an eye out for the perfect paper. Looks for color, texture, and patterns that speak to you.

•    Work in layers of paper cutouts for added dimension.

•    Start a collection of rubber art stamps. You really can’t have too many!

•    Be personable – really think about what the recipient would appreciate.

•    Think outside the box. Not all cards have to be a specific size or shape.

•    Embellish like crazy and just have fun with it.

4.    Fall pumpkins

Pumpkin decorating is not just for Halloween! You can do fun pumpkin crafts all autumn long. Here are a few of our favorite ideas.

•    Dress it up with ribbons and fall flowers.

•    Write your favorite fall messages on the pumpkin with Sharpie. This works really well on a white pumpkin.

•    Drill holes in the pumpkin forming an interesting pattern and put a candle inside. This allows you to carve the pumpkin without the Halloween vibe.

•    Throw some glitter on them! Simply paint on Mod Podge and stick on some glitter.

We see so many people interested in getting crafty around the fall season and we love it! Since Thanksgiving is right around the corner, we wanted to stress giving. When you’re doing these projects, think about making them for someone else. Once you get into the giving spirit, you’ll want to keep on giving throughout the winter holidays as well.

Tell us, what do you plan to make and give away this fall?

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