6 Ways To Give The Perfect Gift This Holiday Season

By Nicole Tinkham

The holidays shouldn’t be a time of stress but often times the panic sinks in when we see the long wish lists of our family and friends. It can be overwhelming to come up with the perfect gift for each person not to mention pricey! We believe that giving should never be a hassle though. It should be easy and come from the heart. No taking the gift card route this year! We challenge you to pick out a gift for everyone on your list that is something they truly want and need in their life. Give meaning to the gifts you give! Ready? Here are 6 ways to give the perfect gift this holiday season.

1. Pay attention

Start this ahead of time. Spend some quality time with the people closest to you and really study them. Figure out what interests them. Discover the little things they like. They’ll most likely drop subtle hints about what they like and what they need. If you’re really good you can pick up on these little things without the recipient even realizing that they needed that item! Remember that people don’t always ask for what they want which is why it’s important to pay attention well before the holidays. You need to dig deeper. Consider what would make their life easier. What’s something they need to replace? What could they benefit from? This is all about them! So put yourself in their shoes.

2.  Consider personality

When you’re shopping for someone else, look for things they absolutely love and are a little obsessed with (like cats, art, the color purple, a certain football team, coffee). You can actually combine the first point in this blog with this one. Here’s a little equation we came up with..

What they subtly hint they want + something unique to them = the perfect gift
Here’s an example: Someone who loves to read needs a new bookmark. They also love monkeys. Monkey bookmark!

Be sure to find something unique. If everyone knows this person loves monkeys, then they’ll most likely be getting them anything they can find with a monkey on it.  Find something different that no one else would think to get them.

3.  Consider their hobbies

Hobby gifts are so meaningful because they allow the recipient to do something they absolutely love to do. Consider what can help them achieve their goals. What do they want to learn more about? What can help them in their career? What do they like to do just for fun? What do they like to do with their friends and family? These are the types of gifts that can drastically change lives! It’s all about learning new skills, becoming a better person, and moving forward with a passion.

True story from Nicole: One year I got my husband a bunch of medical books (what to expect in med school, a medical dictionary, and some other fun ones). It may sound like a boring gift to some people but that’s where his passion lies. It helped him get excited for med school and the journey he’s on.

4.  Give to a cause

Even with the incredible ideas in this blog post, there’s bound to be someone on your list who’s impossible to shop for. Some people honestly don’t want anything or they just seem to have everything already. That doesn’t mean you can slack off with a gift card though. A really creative gift idea is to give to a cause they’re passionate about. You’ll still have to get to know that person and determine the charity they would most want to give to. Do your homework on the recipient and give to a cause under their name. It’s a unique gift idea that they’ll truly appreciate.

5. Give your time

Never underestimate the value of time! We are all short on time so when we can give our time to help someone else out, it becomes such a powerful gift. You’ll have to get a little creative with this. Think about what skills you have to offer. Can you help with a home project? Watch their kids or pets? Make them a nice dinner? It may seem like a simple gift but just allowing them some extra peace and quiet in their lives can go a long way.

6. Make something

You are a creative person! Whether you’re an artist or not, we believe that you do have a creative side. We all do! Get artsy and make gifts like ornaments, baked goods, goodies in mason jars, poems, and more. If you don’t make the actual gift, consider adding your personal touch through handmade cards and wrapping paper. Crafty gifts are meaningful because they require time and effort. There’s endless possibilities when it comes to handmade gifts so get your thinking cap on and create something perfect for the person on your list. Remember, you always have to keep them and what they like in mind first.

Giving gifts should only put you more into the holiday spirit. It shouldn’t stress you out or make you dread the holidays. Use this opportunity to get to know your friends and family a little more. Follow these 6 ways to give the perfect gift and have fun coming up with clever ideas they’ll absolutely love. If nothing else just spread love and joy to everyone you see. Tell us, what type of gifts are you giving this holiday season?

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