4 Really Bizaar Ways To Boost Creativity That You Never Thought Of

By Nicole Tinkham

Have you ever been totally stuck on a project to the point that you cannot think of a single creative idea whatsoever? We have all been there and as a creative thinker, we’re sure you’ve already tried all the tricks in the book when it comes to getting out of that creative rut. If you haven’t, you need to take a look at this blog. The things mentioned there do help get your creativity back but if you want 4 incredibly simple and quite bizaar little tricks, read on! These will totally shock you. (Thanks to success.com for the ideas)

1.    Exercise

A good 30 minute sweat session not only does wonders for your health but it also increases your creativity. It’s also great therapy for getting your mind off everyday stresses.

Take it from me: I exercise every single morning, do some reading, then I get in work mode. I can get focused, I have more energy, and the creative ideas start to flow.

If you don’t think you’re the exercise type, find something that you really enjoy doing, even if it’s just a short walk around the block.

2.    Squeeze a stress relief ball

You can typically find stress relief balls in an office setting and you would normally think to use one in a tense and stressful situation. But clenching your hand can also produce some creative thoughts as well. Here’s the weird part. It has to be your left hand. This will trigger a certain area of your brain that gets you thinking creatively.

Try it! You don’t need to have an actual ball to do this. Next time you need a boost of creativity, just clench your left fist. Honestly, we have yet to try this one but we’re hoping it really works!

3.    Listen to music

Of course everyone’s different but we hear from many artists who prefer listening to music as they create versus total silence. This isn’t just a coincidence. Some background noise actually causes slight distraction which is ideal for the creative mind. Think about it; do you ever have trouble focusing when it’s too quiet? Of course you don’t want too much distraction either. They say the perfect level of noise is the same range as a busy city street.

Our suggestion: Take your sketchbook out into the real world. Visit a coffee shop and get some creative ideas on paper. You’ll get that background noise needed to boost creativity and simply changing your environment will also help you with artist’s block.

4.    Raise your eyebrows

This may sound crazy but raising your eyebrows is said to increase your creativity. We thought this one over because is just seemed strange to us but if you think about it, it makes total sense. Your facial expressions have the power to change your mood! Have you ever been a little down but put a smile on anyway and ended up being happier for the rest of the day? If you haven’t, you really need to try that trick. Anyway, raising your eyebrows widens your vision and opens your mind to creative ideas (so they say) and furrowing your eyebrows does the exact opposite.

We haven’t tried this one yet either but would love to hear if it works for you. While you’re at it, wear a smile on your face too 🙂

Next time you just cannot think of a single creative idea, don’t stress. These four bizaar tricks could very well help you boost your creativity. Yeah, they’re a little odd but they’re so simple that it’s worth a try! Tell us, have you tried any of these or do you have some of your own tricks to share? Just leave a comment below!

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