Juicy Details On What’s Happening In The Art Department – We Interview Frank

We had the HONOR of interviewing Frank Perry, the art department manager here at Keeton’s. This man is so knowledgeable, so insightful and in this interview he exposes some exciting news happening in the art department. Read on for the juicy details.

1.    What are some of your job duties at Keeton’s? How long have you been with the company?

I have been with Keeton’s for 17 years and every day I come to work it is a new and exciting adventure.  There is never a dull moment as we are continuing to update our product mix, schedule exciting events and new workshops, and enjoying the best customers who just love to visit our store.

2.    Can you describe Keeton’s when you first started working there?

When I first came to Keeton’s, we were three small aisles of some office supplies and just a hint of art supplies.  Keeton’s had just made the commitment to expand and remodel its retail store when so many independent dealers across the country were closing.

3.    What are some recent changes you have seen regarding the art department, art workshops, and art events?

This past year, and especially with the new dedicated art workshop space, we have really expanded our art workshop offering.  We are booking local and national talent and are hoping that we have something to offer for everyone – novice and expert alike.  We continue to update our product mix and pride ourselves in having the latest and newest of art materials.  The addition of a custom frame shop has really helped us become a destination and one stop shop for artists.

4.    From what you’ve heard and seen, how do customers like these changes?

Customers LOVE the new dedicated art workshop room.  No interruptions.  A special place to gather and really focus on art.  State of the art 70” digital monitors and sound system.  Customers also love seeing what is new on the art materials scene.  Being visual people, artists love to come in and SEE the new colors and TOUCH the new surfaces.

5.    How has your team come together to make a positive experience for customers during these changes?

We love what we do and our customers reinforce our commitment everyday.  The team loves to share in the excitement of acquiring new products, seeing the finished product, and celebrating the next exhibition, show prize, or art sale.

6.    What is the next big thing you are looking forward to seeing in the Keeton’s art department and how will it benefit customers?

We are in negotiations with some nationally recognized instructors which will complement the local talent we already have teaching with us.  We are gearing up for the upcoming Florida Watercolor Society’s annual convention and trade show in September. AND, we hope to eventually have themed art exhibitions regularly as another outlet for our customers and instructors to showcase his or her art.

You may or may not be a local artist but regardless, we thank you for learning a little more about our art department and our team of art enthusiasts here at Keeton’s. We must say, we are very proud of how far we’ve come and have much more in store for you, even for those of you who are not local 😉 . Stay tuned for more updates, interviews, product info and more!

6 thoughts on “Juicy Details On What’s Happening In The Art Department – We Interview Frank

  1. Going in to Keetons is like going to the hardware store for my husband. Every time I go in there are new things going on. New supplies in every medium you can think of and some you just need to find out about. The service is excellent and all so friendly and know about everything so you just have to ask.
    I just have to go there at least twice a month?

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