You May Be An Artist If… You Do Any Or All Of These 18 Things

By Nicole Tinkham


We absolutely love the way our artist friends just “get” one another on a deeper level. They can relate to accidentally drinking your paint water or heading to the store in your paint clothes by mistake. It’s that connection with other artists that’s what really makes our Facebook page so special. So we asked our friends to fill in the blank: You may be an artist if _______________. Here are 18 of our favorite responses.

1.    “You start to view everything by the way the light hits it.” –Christina

2.    “When you’ve walked out of your house on more than one occasion with charcoal smudges on your face and forgetting the blending stumps you had put behind your ear while you’re working on your sketch.” – Elizabeth

3.    “When… beside you, You have two cups. One with water and one with paint water. And you have to label it because your fiancé has already drank the paint water before…” -April

4.    “When you run to the grocery store and forget that your hair is in a bun held with a paintbrush, and you have paint on your face and clothes. Lol.” -Denise

5.    “You refuse to throw out Styrofoam egg cartons because they are great to use as painting trays.” -Jamie

6.    “ When you look at copy paper and think “peasant paper” lol :P” – Brittaney

7.    “Everything you see and experience in life becomes a possible subject matter to put on canvass. :)” -Tia

8.    “You hate everything you’ve created and you apologize for its existence.” – Caitie

9.    “ Sit in your creating space and you don’t hear and see anything just that part where you working on, it could be knit or crochet or working with fabrics or paint….” – Anja

10.    “ You look at your own work like it is garbage and everyone else tells you it is magic. :P” -Jason

11.    “You pick up your brush, pencil, pen or whatever you are using and put that first mark down.” -Brenda

12.    “You can see a story and feel the emotion of it when experiencing a single glance at.” – Patricia

13.    “You would do that painting/drawing differently.” -April

14.    “When you get upset that your hubby took out the recycling without allowing you to claim any useful items first.” -Judy

15.    “When you turn an afternoon out into a photo shoot, sketching trip, or beeline to the art supply store.” -Judy

16.     “When you have oil paint stains on all your clothes.” -Charles

17.     “You no longer draw stick figures.” –Ellery

18.     “You proved you could do what you set out to do.” –Muriel

So now we want to hear from YOU! Based on what our artsy friends say about living the art life, would you say you fit in with them as an artist? Which one of these 18 things can you relate to most? Have anything to add to our list? Let us know in the comments!

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