4 Types Of Books Everyone Should Be Reading And Why

By Nicole Tinkham


Growing up and throughout school, we’re typically encouraged to read books often. Whether it’s a history book or teen fiction novel, it was always stressed to read more (in my school anyway). We had trips to the library, book clubs, special events and more. As we get older, reading books becomes a choice rather than a requirement. When this happens, it’s easy for us to slack off a bit and stray away from these good habits. Let’s face it; living in such a hectic world, it’s easy to find every excuse possible not to read. And if we’re not in the habit of making time, it feels nearly impossible to squeeze it in. If it’s been some time since your last book and you don’t even know where to start now, listen up. We’ve come up with 4 types of books everyone should be reading and we’ll tell you why. But first, let’s talk about the importance of reading so you understand the value before diving right in.

The Importance

Still need some convincing that we should all read a little more? Fist of all, reading teaches us the important lessons which help us survive life’s obstacles. This is true for any type of book you read (more book types next). You can learn so much from others. Reading also helps you communicate better, become a better writer and boost your creativity. If you haven’t done it in awhile, it’s time to expand your knowledge and soak in some highly valuable information. Ready to get started? Here are the four types of books you really need to be reading.

1.    Personal development

Personal development books are so important and probably not the type of books you read in school (although I really think they should have been). I didn’t even know what a personal development book was until a few years ago. Since then, they have changed my life. These are the kind of books that will get you thinking differently. They can help with your confidence, your self-belief, and with figuring out what your bigger purpose in life is. Basically, they help you become a better person overall. Since reading these types of books, I’ve grown as a person and in my business, I’ve become more positive, happier, and I’ve gained better relationships with those around me not to mention new friends who encourage me. Seriously, these books are a total game-changer.

2.    Instructional

Instructional books are the ones that’ll help you learn or improve on a skill. You can find instructional books on just about anything, from watercolor painting to dog training. While personal development books will help you grow on the inside, instructional books will help you grow on the outside as you learn how to do new things. There will always be something new to learn about so open up to new projects and ideas. If you’re looking to start your own art business, for example, there are a ton of skills you’ll need to learn such as promoting yourself, building a website, business finances, and more. These topics may not excite you right off the bat but remember the bigger picture and what learning these things can do for your future.

3.    Fiction

I’ve found that reading of any kind improves my writing but when it’s a fiction book, it instantly puts my mind in the creative zone. Reading a story (a really good one) forces you to use your imagination and paint a picture of what’s happening. It takes you out of reality and puts you in a whole different world. This can drastically help you with your artwork plus reading fiction is so much fun anyway and there are a ton of different stories out there. Find a genre that you really get into and enjoy 🙂

4.    History

Learning about the past helps make improvements in the present and future. Expanding your knowledge of history really opens up your mind and gets you thinking. To be honest, history puts me to sleep but it is pretty incredible to learn about the past. I think everyone can benefit from exploring and learning from it.

Your homework now is to pick a book (any book) and start reading again. You can hang out at a Books-A-Million, a used bookstore, a library, download an eBook or borrow one from a friend. Just get started. If you can’t seem to get through the one you chose, pick up a different one. Choose something that speaks to you. Select a book that you need in your life at that moment. And once you find a good one, drop your recommendation in the comments below!

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