3 Ways To Make Money With Your Art Blog

By Nicole Tinkham


Your blog does not just have to be a diary for yourself. It can be but if you are a professional artist blogging about what you do and different art tips and techniques, you can very well make money from your blog! And really, it’s not all that difficult to do either. Of course you want great content so keep on creating that for your readers. But there are a few extra things you could do as well to really get your blog going. In this post, we’ll walk you through 3 ways to actually make some extra money with your art blog. Remember, your time is valuable (we know the time and effort that goes into blogging!) so why not allow yourself to earn a little extra money while doing it?

1.    Sell on your blog

The first and most obvious answer to earning money through your art blog is to sell your work on it! You can set up a shopping cart (most likely linked to your PayPal account) or hire someone to set it up for you.

In addition to your artwork, you can also sell your knowledge. We’re talking PDFs, ebooks, guides, video series, CDs, audio and any other way to get your message out there. You can share your top tips and techniques for watercolor painting or a guide on how to keep your art room organized. Become and expert in that area and share your knowledge to help others.

You may be wondering first off how to do all of this and secondly, where you’ll find people to sell to. We honestly aren’t techies here so we recommend doing a little research, finding a friend to help you, or hiring someone to do the online work for you with getting everything set up. We’re just providing the inspiration so a professional can help you further with the production side of things.

When it comes to finding the right people to sell to, just keep providing incredible content! Talk to your readers and understand what they want. Cater to them and they’ll keep coming back to your blog, gain trust with you, and eventually buy from you.

You can also drive more traffic to your blog through guest blogging. Reach out to other bloggers in your niche, figure out how you can help them with your unique content, and ask to write a post for them.

2.    Affiliate marketing

Don’t worry, this sounded totally foreign to us at first too until we did a little research and found out how easy it really is. Amazon has an affiliate program where you can promote products (related to your niche) and earn a commission on sales through the link. You don’t have to worry about selling and shipping the items yourself as the affiliate company takes care of that part. All you have to do is share their link on your blog.

It’s basically like telling a friend about the art brushes you have fallen in love with and then that friend goes out and buys them based on your recommendation. Only with affiliate marketing, you make some money off that sale too.

Now we do want to warn you to think about what your readers want! If the link has nothing to do with what your blog is all about (like car parts on your art blog) you will lose your readers. If you have way too many ads on your blog, you’ll turn off your readers. Be sure to try the product out first and only use the affiliate link if you truly believe in the product.

If you’re interested in affiliate marketing, you will have to sign up with an affiliate program. You won’t start earning money just by adding random links in your post. Here’s a great resource to help you get started with affiliate marketing.

3.    Write product reviews

Have you ever dreamed of playing around with different art supplies and getting paid for it? Go ahead and write reviews for other companies. Reach out to different art manufacturers, be interested in any new products they’re offering, and ask to write up a review on it. You’ll probably at least get some free supplies out of it 🙂

We’ve seen this done for food and travel bloggers so we’re sure artists can have so much with it as well. Product reviews are basically a win-win for both you and the company you’re working with. You’re providing valuable content for both audiences.

Also, people LOVE looking up reviews on Google. This means your blog will pop up more often in the search engine results, driving even more traffic to your blog.

We’ll be honest, it’s not always easy reaching out to these companies to write a review for them though. Make sure you do your research first. Read their blog and become familiar with the company. When contacting these companies (start with email), be completely honest about your site traffic and subscribers. They can easily do their homework and find out the truth so don’t even try lying about it. Once you do get a review to write, stay in contact with them through the whole process and keep them informed.

If you’re serious about writing reviews, check out this helpful article that goes into more detail.

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed at this point, you’re not alone. We’ve mentioned briefly 3 different ways to make money with your art blog and each thing on this list takes time and effort. You’ll notice that your blog audience will increase slowly (ours did anyway) but once you get the momentum going your blog will keep growing as long as you’re consistent with it. Same thing goes with earning money through your blog. Don’t become discouraged for not making thousands of dollars overnight. Be patient and keep providing incredible content to your audience. You will get there!

One thought on “3 Ways To Make Money With Your Art Blog

  1. Your post wealthy for myWellMakeMoney Website i mean for beginners like me. 🤗

    Few years back I make money without blogging but it’s too take time because of lack of knowledge about blogging.
    Now I can make extra with my blog.

    I created niche Blog recently for making money online. Without blogging we can’t make sufficient money isn’t it ???

    Thanx in advance 😉.

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