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Who We Are:

If we could pick two words to perfectly describe Keeton’s, we’d go with: PASSION and SERVICE. After all, this is what we’ve built our business upon for the past 63+ years. It began when Mr. Keeton hit the streets in his Model A Ford in the 1950s visiting customers, and continues today through our employees. We’re passionate about office & art supplies, the work family we have at Keeton’s, the community we live in, and the excitement of what lies ahead of us in the future. We’re not just an office & art supply store; we’re a business that brings life change! Our desire is that we can help our employees discover, act on, and see results to personal & professional goals. We want our passion for life (and the things we get to do in it) to be something that is so contagious that we inspire others to live more passionate lives.


We’re so glad you’re connecting with us here. We look forward to learning about who you are, and allowing the inspiration that life brings us all to live the greatest lives we possibly can!



7 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I’m looking for an article I read on the properties of student-grade paints. I thought it had appeared on your blog, but I can’t locate it in your archives. Can you send a link to the article? Thanks!

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