74 Unique Things You Can Put In A Frame

By Nicole Tinkham


With our new framing department and professional framer, Mark Gagnon, here at Keeton’s we got to thinking about all the creative things you could possibly have framed. There’s so much more that can be done than just the typical photo or piece of artwork (although Mark does an incredible job with these as well), so it’s time to think outside the box, look around your home and decide what your next brilliant framing project will be. Read on for 74 unique things you can put in a frame for everything from vintage fans to wine corks.

Note: You’ll see some photos of Mark’s favorite framing projects in the list below. If they have you feeling inspired, give us a call at 941-747-2995 and ask for Mark or email him at markg@keetonsonline.com.

1.    Photos
2.    Paintings
3.    Drawings
4.    Certificates
5.    Awards
6.    Sand (yes, actual sand!)
7.    Coins
8.    Clothing
9.    Maps (shown below: Italian Map Triple Matted)italymap

10.    Letters
11.    Recipes
12.    Newspaper articles
13.    Money
14.    Diploma
15.    Event tickets
16.    Jerseys
17.    Jewelry
18.    License plate
19.    Medals and badges
20.    Mirror
21.    Quilt
22.    Baby shoes
23.    Records (Shown below: Elvis LP with Sleeve and Crescent Mat Cut)

24.    Antique nick knacks
25.    Guitar
26.    Leaves/flowers
27.    Stamps
28.    Photography (Shown below: Bird Photo with Fillet)

29.    Keys
30.    Paper art
31.    Invitation
32.    Pages from a book
33.    Comic books
34.    Board games
35.    Bottle label (Shown below: Wine Cork w/ Bottle Label and wax seal)

36.    High end shopping bags
37.    Flags
38.    Old architectural sketches
39.    Vintage swimsuits
40.    Stuffed animals
41.    Mixed media (Shown below: Mixed Media into Metal Porthole Frame)

42.    Buttons
43.    Fabric
44.    Toys
45.    Antique silverware
46.    Rocks and stones
47.    Shells
48.    Post cards (Shown below: Pop Art Post Cards)
49.    Paint brushes
50.    Ballet shoes
51.    Kid’s artwork
52.    Antique sewing supplies
53.    Wooden design (Shown below: Heart Shaped Wood With Photo and Hand Drawn vines and words)
54.    Pocket watch
55.    Bottle of wine
56.    Scrabble pieces
57.    Dry erase board/chalkboard
58.    Illustration art (Show below: Intricate illustration art)

59.    Collage
60.    Origami art
61.    Cards
62.    Holiday ornaments
63.    Feathers
64.    Wine corks (Shown below: Four Corks and a Wax Seal)

65.    Vintage fan (Shown below: Italian Fan In Shadow Box)

66.    Coffee beans
67.    Antique tools
68.    Sheet music
69.    Bouquet
70.    Graduation cap
71.    Bottle caps
72.    Tree branches
73.    Lace
74.    T shirt (Shown below: Bradenton Blues Fest T Shirt)

So now that you have 74 new ideas on the different unique things you’re able to have framed, what will you choose?? And don’t worry if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed. Mark in our custom framing department can walk you through the whole process. Just give us a call at 941-747-2995 and ask for Mark, email him at markg@keetonsonline.com, or stop in to see him!

The 5 Love Languages To Strengthen Your Friendships

By Nicole Tinkham


We don’t know about you but the month of February has us feeling all lovey dovey! One thing we want to make very clear before we go any further – Showing love and understanding how others love is not only for romantic relationships. Valentine’s Day and love is for everyone, not just couples. Our challenge for you this Valentine ’s Day is to better understand your close friends, grow your friendship with them, and share your love with more people! You have so much to give and so many people in the world who need a little more love. We recently read an article about the 5 love languages used to better understand how to show your spouse love and strengthen your relationship. We took these 5 ideas and related them to friendships that you can use on anyone. Read on to discover how you can strengthen your FRIENDSHIPS and show that you care.

The 5 love languages you are about to read are nothing new. In fact, you can learn more about them in more detail in Gary Chapman’s book The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts. Here’s the scoop. As you’re probably already aware, everyone communicates differently and with that everyone communicates and receives love differently. Here’s an example. If you’ve been making fun little gifts for a friend but she doesn’t respond the way you were expecting, she may not be receiving the love the way you’re giving it. She may receive love better through compliments in which case there is a disconnect with those gifts you’ve been giving her. Read on to better understand the 5 different love languages to determine which ones your closest friends can relate with most.

1.    Love through words

This type of person likes hearing words of love. Give them compliments, thank them often, and praise them. Harsh words come off as super strong to them so really watch what you say. It’s so easy to slip up with your words but around this type of person, it’s extra important to be careful.

2.    Love through quality time

The most valuable gift to this type of person is quality time together. So instead of sending a material gift, plan a special day together. Get crafty or go shopping! Whatever you do, make sure to give that person your undivided attention. Get focused on them and listen to what they have to say.

3.    Love through gifts

Having a friend in your life who receives love through gifts can be so fun! Next time you spot something that reminds you of them, pick it up and surprise them with it. It doesn’t have to be a huge gift. They’re favorite candy bar or something small would be fine.

4.    Love through a helpful hand

This type of person prefers to be given the gift of service, or a helping hand. Helping them get their house painted or with a project they’re working on goes a long way. It’s the little things that matter so even small gestures are much appreciated.

5.    Love through touch

We’re sure you’ve come across both types of people; those who are huggers and those who don’t like to be touched at all. It’s crazy how different people are, isn’t it? For those who receive love best through touch, a hug or just sitting next to this person makes them feel loved.

Sometimes if you and your friend’s love languages are different, it can be difficult for you to show love to them in their language since you’re not used to it. It will take some time to get used to but use this opportunity to learn. If they love through words, keep an ear out for positive words and phrases that you hear other people saying. The more you practice it, the easier it will become and the more your friendship will strengthen and grow.

We always encourage you to spread love wherever you go and with so many people in our lives, it’s impossible to study each person’s love language. Use these 5 love languages to strengthen your friendship with those closest to you. For everyone else you come across throughout your day (friends and strangers alike) we recommend showing love in a variety of ways. Smiling and just being friendly is perfect and when you can, pay a compliment. Be aware of your attitude and what you’re sending out in the world. Always strive to make someone’s day a little better.

Have you figured out what your love language is? If you have, let us know in the comments!

Write Your Own Story – 4 Steps To Discovering Who You Really Are

By Nicole Tinkham


When it comes to knowing yourself, it makes perfect sense to say that you’re the one who knows you best. We’d be willing to bet however, that you don’t know yourself as well as you think you do. When we’re born we are open to so many different possibilities in life, even down to the language we speak. But as we grow, our surroundings shape who we are. We pick up on the language and activities around us and that’s who we become. We’re told what to do and what not to do. We tend to follow along with society and what everyone else is doing. While knowing who you are sounds simple enough, can you see why discovering the real you can be a bit challenging? Instead of making up your own story, we’ll explain how you can write your true story and really figure out the person who you are.

Why is it important to write your story?

Do you ever feel lost and wonder how you ended up on this particular path? Maybe you have little excitement in what you’re currently doing or maybe you just feel like you were born to do more. To discover your calling, you must first dig deeper and discover yourself. Once you figure that out, everything else will start falling into place. This also allows you to put your time and energy into the right things that will shape who you are and who you want to become. You’ll find that you’re more confident being the unique person you are and you’ll start challenging yourself more, striving for bigger and better things in life.

FIRST: Spend time with yourself

This doesn’t mean stay home and watch TV all day. When we say to spend time with you, we mean get yourself in the zone in a nice quiet area with no distractions. Be still, clear your mind of any stresses, and just be alone. For some people this can be quite uncomfortable but being alone with your thoughts can reveal information about yourself that you normally wouldn’t notice. Embrace the silence and become one with yourself. You can do this step often just to check in with where you’re at. Every once in awhile do a longer session and more frequently you can do shorter sessions, or whatever you feel is needed.

SECOND: Get honest with yourself

Still alone in a quiet area, grab a journal and start jotting down notes on who you are. This shouldn’t be who you want to be, someone else who you admire, or who you’re striving to become. Make a list of every single unique thing about you including both the good and the bad. Sometimes it can be difficult to open up about the things you aren’t proud of but remember that this list is for your eyes only. Plus you must be aware of these areas so you can work on them.

THIRD: Consider how you make people feel

This next step is crucial when making self improvements. How you make others feel says way more about you than your success and money. People don’t remember those things but they will always remember how they felt around you. Seriously consider how you currently make people feel and then think about how you’d like to make them feel.

FOURTH: Determine what you have to offer

The final step will take some time and could change as you go through different seasons of life. You may not have an answer right away but what we can tell you is that you were born with a special gift to share with the world. Even if you see a ton of other people doing the same thing you are, creating and selling art online for example, there’s a certain unique quality that only you have. To discover this, write down a list of everything you’re good at whether it’s a certain art technique or baking killer chocolate chip cookies. What do people most often compliment you on? What do they ask your advice on? What are some things you absolutely love doing? Keep asking yourself these questions and with time, you’ll discover what you were meant to do and how to give that unique thing to the world.

One last piece of advice, actually write these things down! Literally write out your story. Take your brainstorm notes and put them all together. Also keep in mind that your story can and will change. As we go through different life events who we are and what we have to offer also changes. So whether you’re trying to figure out your next career move or just trying to be a better version of yourself, walk through these 4 steps to writing your own story and discovering who you really are.

4 Really Bizaar Ways To Boost Creativity That You Never Thought Of

By Nicole Tinkham

Have you ever been totally stuck on a project to the point that you cannot think of a single creative idea whatsoever? We have all been there and as a creative thinker, we’re sure you’ve already tried all the tricks in the book when it comes to getting out of that creative rut. If you haven’t, you need to take a look at this blog. The things mentioned there do help get your creativity back but if you want 4 incredibly simple and quite bizaar little tricks, read on! These will totally shock you. (Thanks to success.com for the ideas)

1.    Exercise

A good 30 minute sweat session not only does wonders for your health but it also increases your creativity. It’s also great therapy for getting your mind off everyday stresses.

Take it from me: I exercise every single morning, do some reading, then I get in work mode. I can get focused, I have more energy, and the creative ideas start to flow.

If you don’t think you’re the exercise type, find something that you really enjoy doing, even if it’s just a short walk around the block.

2.    Squeeze a stress relief ball

You can typically find stress relief balls in an office setting and you would normally think to use one in a tense and stressful situation. But clenching your hand can also produce some creative thoughts as well. Here’s the weird part. It has to be your left hand. This will trigger a certain area of your brain that gets you thinking creatively.

Try it! You don’t need to have an actual ball to do this. Next time you need a boost of creativity, just clench your left fist. Honestly, we have yet to try this one but we’re hoping it really works!

3.    Listen to music

Of course everyone’s different but we hear from many artists who prefer listening to music as they create versus total silence. This isn’t just a coincidence. Some background noise actually causes slight distraction which is ideal for the creative mind. Think about it; do you ever have trouble focusing when it’s too quiet? Of course you don’t want too much distraction either. They say the perfect level of noise is the same range as a busy city street.

Our suggestion: Take your sketchbook out into the real world. Visit a coffee shop and get some creative ideas on paper. You’ll get that background noise needed to boost creativity and simply changing your environment will also help you with artist’s block.

4.    Raise your eyebrows

This may sound crazy but raising your eyebrows is said to increase your creativity. We thought this one over because is just seemed strange to us but if you think about it, it makes total sense. Your facial expressions have the power to change your mood! Have you ever been a little down but put a smile on anyway and ended up being happier for the rest of the day? If you haven’t, you really need to try that trick. Anyway, raising your eyebrows widens your vision and opens your mind to creative ideas (so they say) and furrowing your eyebrows does the exact opposite.

We haven’t tried this one yet either but would love to hear if it works for you. While you’re at it, wear a smile on your face too 🙂

Next time you just cannot think of a single creative idea, don’t stress. These four bizaar tricks could very well help you boost your creativity. Yeah, they’re a little odd but they’re so simple that it’s worth a try! Tell us, have you tried any of these or do you have some of your own tricks to share? Just leave a comment below!

Calm Down Your Mind And Stop Worrying – Here’s How!

By Nicole Tinkham


Do you overthink every single little thing to the point where you can’t get anything accomplished? Fear can stop you dead in your tracks from doing just about anything in your life. If you have some big goals for the New Year, listen up! You need to let go of the past and stop worrying about the future. Live in this moment right here right now TODAY. Easier said than done, right? Don’t worry; we put together this guideline to help calm down your mind and stop worrying once and for all. Read on for how to accept the things you cannot change, be fearless of the future, get rid of your limiting beliefs, and enjoy the things you already have.

Accept the things you cannot change

Let’s face it. If something has happened in the past, there’s no going back to change it now. It’s impossible. That leaves you with two options. You can either make improvements and better the situation or just let it go. Here’s what you need to know. Sometimes the best thing to do is to just let it go. For instance, when someone else is involved you will not and cannot change that other person. Don’t even try.  When it comes to you personally though, there’s always a chance to change and grow as a person. It may not fix the past but it’s a way to move forward without dwelling on past situations.

Note: Accepting the past will not just magically happen overnight. Forgiving and moving on will take time and the best thing you can do is take baby steps, moving forward a little bit each day.

Be fearless of the future

Fear is the number one thing that holds people back from going after their goals. People not only fear failure but they also fear rejection and ridicule from others. When it comes to failure think of it this way; if you aren’t taking the chance, you’re always going to be where you’re at right now. Is that what you really want? To create a better life for yourself, you will have to make a change. If you fail, you have the opportunity to start over and try something different.

When it comes to worrying about what other people think, you have to remember to think of yourself first. What do you feel in your heart is right? What were you born to do? What makes you happiest? You know yourself better than anyone else. Sometimes loved ones are only looking out for you and they don’t want to see you make a wrong decision. Take what they have to say seriously but remember that at the end of the day it’s your decision.

Get rid of your limiting belief

So many people worry about money, time, and careers. We would say those are the big three although you may have others to add to the list. One reason why you could be stressing out in these areas could be because of your limiting belief. You don’t think you’re worth more money. You seem to never have time and always have a ton of things to get done. You don’t have the skills to get a better job that you enjoy. With this mindset, you really won’t get far.

You need to look within yourself. What kind of person are you really? What incredible qualities do you possess? What are you good at? Know that there’s always room for improvement but you are already amazing just the way you are. You were born to do great things now it’s time to do them!

As with everything mentioned in this blog, your belief in yourself will take time. Lift yourself up by reading something inspirational every day, dream about your future life (and make a plan to turn it into your reality), and repeat positive affirmations to yourself daily. The more you believe in yourself the more you will achieve!

**You are good enough!**

Cherish what your life already has to offer

Stop spending your time worrying about cleaning your house, running errands, ironing your laundry, and just being this perfect person. Start paying attention to the things in your life that really matter, like your friends and family. Sometimes it feels like everything is going wrong so stop yourself for a moment and seriously think about this. Think of all the wonderful things you do have in your life and think of others who don’t have those things. You are so incredibly blessed, it’s time you start appreciating it. Think about this; would you rather be remembered by the impeccable home you’ve kept up with or the way you made others feel? Consider what your real priorities are and adjust the way you’re living your life.

When you are faced with an issue…

Ask yourself what the absolute worst thing that could happen is.

Now make a plan in case that was to actually happen. Having a plan written down for the worst case scenario will ease your mind.

Chances are you’ll realize that even the worst thing isn’t the end of the world and you’ll feel better about the situation.

Stress, worry and anxiety are all part of life but the way you handle them says a lot about who you are. These are all difficult things to overcome but once you can let go and fully enjoy what life has to offer, the little things won’t even bother you anymore. Remember to accept the things you cannot change, never fear what the future brings, realize that you are good enough, and be grateful for all the wonderful things you already have. If you focus on these four things the stress will start to melt away.

Think Your Old Markers Are Trash? Think Again! Here Are 4 Tricks To Reviving Dried Markers

By Nicole Tinkham


How many times have you ditched old markers because they weren’t writing as clearly as they were on day #1? It’s so easy to trash the old and run out to buy new. In fact, we often don’t think twice about it. But what if we told you that with a quick and simple trick you could revive those old markers and save yourself money as well as time? Before you ditch those old markers, read on for 4 tricks to reviving them!

1.    Wet the tip of the marker under a slow stream of water. Wrap the tip in plastic wrap and place the cap back on. Let it sit for a few hours and then test it out.

2.    Heat water to just about boiling and let it sit for a few minutes in a glass cup or bowl to allow it to cool slightly. Place the whole tip of the marker in the warm water for about 5 minutes. You should start to see the ink running from the tip of the marker into the water. Shake off the excess water, put the lid back on, and let it dry for 24 hours before testing it out.

3.    Pour some white vinegar into a small dish and quickly dab the tip of the marker into the vinegar. You don’t want to hold it in there for long as it could ruin your marker. Keep dipping it in and quickly removing it. Do this about 5-10 times. You’re basically cleaning the marker felt. Let it set out to dry for 24 hours without the cap before testing it.

4.    Pour a little bit of rubbing alcohol into the cap or separate dish. Soak the tip of the marker in the alcohol until you see the ink flowing out of the marker. Put the cap of the marker back on and let it dry for 15 minutes before testing it out.

Tips for storing markers

•    Store markers in a cool dry place
•    Storing markers with the tip face down is ideal
•    For the Florida folks (or anyone else in a hot climate), you can store your markers in the fridge
•    Secure lids after every use
•    For dual sided markers, store horizontally

Next time your old markers are about to take a nose dive right into the dumpster, stop and just try one of these tricks to reviving dried markers. You have a 50/50 shot of it working but since these hacks don’t take much time or effort, why not try it out? It’ll save you money (who knows how much longer you can get out of that marker now!) and the time it takes to run out to the store just hoping they have your favorite marker available.

We would love to know, have any of these tips (or some of your own not mentioned in this blog) helped with your dried out markers? Please comment below!

Why Dreaming Big Is Getting You Nowhere And What You Need To Start Doing For Success

By Nicole Tinkham


You’ll hear us say it all the time and it’s definitely something we believe in and stick by. It’s important to love this life of yours, to do the things that make you happy, and to dream big. You may have already started dreaming big by writing some goals down, creating a vision board, and visualizing your future. That’s great if you have and something we still encourage you to do. But what happens when you’re doing all this dreaming and nothing ever happens? If you’re feeling a little defeated and frustrated, this blog is for you. We’ll explain why dreaming big is getting you nowhere and what you need to start doing for success.

Dreaming big is the first piece of the puzzle. It’s figuring out what you really want in life and it’s certainly a crucial step. But if you stop at your dreams without taking action, you will never move forward. How do you expect these dreams to actually happen? Think they’re just going to fall into your lap? We can tell you from experience that’s not how this works. What you can start doing though is thinking big.

For example, it’s so easy to get lost in the excitement of a new career opportunity. You’re creating this new life for yourself and you have a list of things you’re dreaming of accomplishing. But the question is, are you taking those dreams and strategically planning what exactly will happen in your future? When you don’t have a plan one of two things typically happens. Either you get burnt out on this big dream or you fall behind trying to adapt to these new changes in your life.

What you need to do is get out of your head and get “all in” on the things you want to accomplish. You must give it your all. You must have a plan and take action. You must get focused. You may even have to make sacrifices like TV time, sleep, and extra vacations at least until you get things rolling. If you’re not 100% in it, it’s still all just a dream. You need to switch from dreaming big to thinking (and doing) big!

There’s no way of predicting the future but it doesn’t hurt to have a game plan either way. Know exactly what your next step is if you succeed and what your next step is if you fail. Sure, there will always be little surprises that come up along the way but you can handle them confidently when you have a strong plan. Don’t just wait around to see what happens. Be prepared.

So while dreaming big paints the picture of how your life could look, it’s also important to think big. Take action on those dreams, follow through with them, and plan for anything the future may bring (good or bad). It may be impossible to predict exactly what could happen in the future but think through every possible situation you can imagine and plan for it. If you’re a dreamer but feel stuck, start doing these things to finally see success in your life.