50 Ways to Use Post-it Notes

By Nicole Tinkham

We’re going to assume you know the basics of the handy note-taking device known as the Post-it Note, but just in case you’re not familiar with them (or just want to learn more about them), we suggest heading over to our previous post What You Need to Know about Post-it Notes. It’s possible that you’re a Post-it Note expert (or so you think), but we’re willing to bet you aren’t aware of ALL the ways in which these 3X3 sticky notes can be used. The obvious is jotting down quick notes but here are 50 other uses that will totally surprise you!

1. Use as a bookmark.

2. Jot down a small to-do list.

3. Stick notes on the door or mirror for a reminder as you leave the house.

4. Cut the sticky edge off and use as emergency tape.

5. Cut the sticky edge off and use as temporary file folder labels.

6. Cord organizer. How to: Cut off sticky edge and wrap around cords. (You can even color code!)

7. Create shopping lists – Stick a note to the refrigerator and as you run out of an item, jot it down.

8. Make a flip book. This will take a whole pad of Post-its but it sure is fun!

9. Storyboarding.

10. Label leftovers in the fridge with the expiration date (or your name if you have a lunch thief in the office).

11. Motivation: Leave notes around to keep your goals in check (quit smoking, eat healthy, etc.).

12. Learn something new: If learning a new language, post a note on common objects with the word of the object in the new language.

13. Origami (or at least try).

14. Make a collage.

15. Office pranks..

16. Create “kick me” signs.

17. Blot lipstick.

18. Forget the navigator. Stick a Post-it Note with directions to your steering wheel.

19. Last minute place cards.

20. Use as painters tape in small corners and around switch plates.

21. Use a Post-it Note to cover the glow of an alarm clock so it doesn’t keep you up at night.

22. Use the sticky side to clean between keys on keyboard.

23. Make a calendar.

24. Color-code your planner.

25. Project boards.

26. Jot down notes in books you can’t write in.

27. Play games. Example: The “Guess Who I Am” game. Write the name of a celebrity on a Post-it Note and stick it on the forehead of the person next to you. They must ask yes or no questions until they guess who they are.

28. Wedding seating chart.

29. Love notes packed in the lunch bag, stuck to the mirror, on the car windshield, or wherever you can think to stick one!

30. Fold a note over two sheets of paper to hold them together.

31. Easy Halloween costume. Simply do a quick drawing on a note and stick it to your clothes.

32. Create signs. Yes, you can print on them. Here’s how: One Good Thing By Jillee

33. Make valentines.

34. Use as wallpaper.

35. Cheap holiday decorations.

36. Brainstorming maps.

37. Get artistic and make a mural.

38. Use as fun giftwrap. Hint: Choose bright colors to make a statement.

39. Use them in the classroom (math flash cards and more).

40. Name badges.

41. Doodles!

42. Arts and crafts: Your opportunity to get creative!

43. DIY Piñata.

44. “Paint” your car.

45. Use for scrapbooking.

46. Gift tags.

47. Make a backdrop for photo shoots, parties, etc.

48. Party décor.

49. Decorate Easter eggs.

50. Make a fashion statement. Bet you never thought to WEAR Post-it Notes!

There you have it, 50 uses for one of the most common office supplies. Now take a look back at #1 on the list. That was actually the original use Art Fry came up with for the Post-it Note but, as you can see there will never be just one use for this supply. The list above is by no means complete and we’re sure all of our creative readers will have something to add to it. Please leave a comment below or connect with us through Facebook or Twitter to share your ideas!

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