7 Benefits of adult coloring books and how they can change your life

By Nicole Tinkham

7 Benefits of adult coloring books and how they can change your life

Adult coloring books are all the rage right now. If you’re feeling out of the loop, were here to fill you in on why they’ve become so popular this last year. For one, they take you back to a simpler and joyous time in life, you know, when nothing really seemed to matter. They allow you to de-stress and take your mind off of your current worries. They don’t require endless supplies plus you don’t need any special artistic skills to do them. Simply, they make us happy. We can all agree on that. But there’s also many other benefits to coloring, some of which you may have never known about. Still unsure about this popular fad? Here’s why you need to invest in an adult coloring book ASAP!

1.    Coloring parties are a thing now and an excellent way to get social. You’ve heard of crafting groups and artist groups before, right? A coloring party is the same type of thing but with a group of people who may not necessarily feel comfortable or confident enough to share their artwork with the group. Adult coloring books are different. These groups typically get together with their books and chat over wine and snacks. If you thought coloring was a solo hobby, think again!

2.    Some people meditate and others color. Like meditation, coloring relaxes your brain and reduces stress.

3.    Just because designs in an adult coloring book are already drawn for you doesn’t mean it’s not your own personal creation. This is your book and you can make it what you want. This gives you the freedom to be yourself and do your own thing just like a professional artist!

4.    Coloring enhances your vision, creativity, motor skills, and focus. Yes, all four! The vision and motor skills come into play when you’re coloring within the lines (some designs are super detailed!). Your creativity expands when you start looking at the various colors and how they work together. And focus also plays a big part even with a relaxed mind.

5.    Boredom and lack of routine can lead down a slippery slope to various disorders (OCD, stress, anxiety, etc.). Coloring helps take the focus away from these negative areas and puts it on a more positive and structured hobby.

6.    Coloring also brings us back to our childhood when things were simpler and we didn’t have to stress over work or other adult responsibilities. How often do you do things just because you can for the pure joy of it? We rarely allow ourselves that freedom anymore. Coloring makes it possible though.

7.    You can choose to do puzzles to sharpen your mind or you can choose to color. The two activities may seem completely opposite from one another but they actually both have intellectual benefits. Coloring uses the part of the brain that deals with focus, concentration, problem solving, and organization. Yet at the same time, you’re totally relaxed. Pretty amazing!

So do you still think coloring is for kids? You don’t have to be an artist to enjoy it plus it’s super simple to do. Grab a coloring book, some colored pencils, a group of friends and try it out! As always, we’d love to see your creations. Share with us your adult coloring book experience by posting a photo over on our Facebook page.

7 thoughts on “7 Benefits of adult coloring books and how they can change your life

  1. I just started my own coloring blog. I started adult coloring before Christmas and fell in love with coloring. Helps stress and focus off your problems.

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