19 Surfaces to Spray Paint & Counting

By Nicole Tinkham

If you’re a spray paint fanatic and are constantly asking yourself “can I spray paint that?” than this is a post you need to print out and keep close by your side. One of the questions people ask most is whether or not they can spray paint on a particular surface. In most cases, the answer is YES! In fact, there’s really only one instance where this wouldn’t be a great idea but we’ll get into that later. Let’s start with the endless surfaces you can go a little crazy on with spray paint.

CAN paint:

1.    Wood

2.    Tin

3.    Ceramic

4.    Glass

5.    Terra cotta

6.    Canvas

7.    Plastic

8.    Papier-mâché

9.    Styrofoam

10.    Plaster

11.    Mirror

12.    Fiberglass

13.    Ribbon

14.    Laminate

15.    Wicker

16.    Masonry

17.    Concrete

18.    MDF

19.    Particle board

CAN’T paint:

Any surface that will come in contact with food or beverages. It’s fine to paint a wine glass but for decoration purposes only.


You don’t always have to prime the surface before spray painting but we recommend doing so for the following surfaces:

•    Anything that will be going outside

•    Anything that will be exposed to moisture (to protect against rust)

•    Glossy surfaces

•    Wood surfaces


A sheen refers to the glossiness of a surface. Spray paints come in a few different sheens which can have a huge impact on the look of the final product.

•    Matte: Similar to flat paint without a gloss.

•    Satin: Eggshell finish.

•    Gloss: Provides a glossy finish.

•    Lacquer: Glossiest and shiniest finish.

Specialty Paints

Aside from the sheen, spray paint is also available in special finishes for a unique look. Here are some you may find in your travels:

•    Metallic

•    Hammered & stone finishes

•    Chalkboard

•    Frosted

You can transform just about anything with a can of spray paint and honestly, anyone can do it. If you aren’t already, it’s time to become a Do-It-Yourselfer! We’re sure this blog post got your wheels turning so just go after your next project head on and let us know how it turns out.  Comment below or connect with us on Facebook with any spray paint questions you may have.

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