How to use sticky notes effectively

By Nicole Tinkham

If you’re already using sticky notes to keep yourself organized in the office, you’re off to a great start. However, if your desk (along with your computer, phone, chair, stapler, calculator, etc.) is covered with them, they really aren’t doing you any good. The whole point of using them is to be able to find important notes quickly, not to dig through them just to find your desk! Trust us, we love them as much as any other sticky note fanatic out there, but we also know the importance of using them effectively. Below you’ll find our top tips for getting your life organized with little colorful notes. Let’s get started.

If you aren’t sold on sticky notes yet, here’s a fun fact for you to ponder: Writing down tasks on bright colors and shapes helps you remember tasks better than if writing on a plain white pad of paper.

1.    When marking a book, number your sticky notes and write more in-depth notes in a journal, numbering accordingly. This will de-clutter the book, make it easy to find notes, and allow you the space needed to elaborate.

2.    Sticky notes come in various bright colors for a reason. Use a pack of your favorite colors for color coding tasks by importance.

3.    When sticking in a book, switch up the positioning of the sticky notes. Finding notes is near impossible when they’re all stacked up on top of each other.

4.    Save room on your note by abbreviating and using only key words. You typically only have a 3×3 area to write on so make it count!

5.    When studying, stick a note at the beginning of each section with a brief summary. When you skim the textbook later, you’ll know exactly what’s in each section and will be able to find your answer quickly.

6.    Stick notes on the side of your monitor. This way they aren’t cluttering up your desk and you can easily see them.

7.    Be sure to toss old sticky notes. Look through them before you leave the office each day and discard tasks that have been completed or notes you no longer need.

8.    Write one task per note. This will make the note clear and easy to read.

9.    Use a file folder to organize tasks. Simply stick notes on the inside of a manila file folder in order of priority. This keeps all tasks in the same location and they won’t make your desk look like a war zone.

10.    Messy handwriting? Here’s a template for printing on sticky notes so anyone can read your notes:

11.    Organize tasks within a group or company by sticking notes to a dry erase board or directly to the wall. This is where color coding is a must!

12.    Use sticky notes as a reminder. You can stick them to your alarm clock or on the door so you see it right before leaving the house.

13.    Ever take notes in a planner and get frustrated when you have to scribble things out and re-write them? Keep everything neat and clean by using Post-it Notes instead. You can always peel them out and replace with a new one when plans change.

14.    Use the Post-it Notes camera in the Evernote app. Snap a picture of the sticky note and the app will make the text searchable. Now you can keep notes organized and accessible on all of your devices.

15.    Take notes during a meeting, being sure to only write down one thing per sticky note. This will help you write down only the important parts of the meeting and you can throw the action notes right into your planner.

16.    Need to remember a certain access code or password on a daily basis? Write it on a sticky note and stick it to your monitor. Only make notes like this for the things you constantly need to reference. Everything else should be written down in a notebook. Too cluttered and you won’t be able to find what you’re looking for!

17.    Mark your documents by level of importance. Choose eye-catching colors for urgent tasks. You can even write the due date right on the note.

18.    Turn your notes into a mini to-do list that you can take anywhere. Just be sure to only list a few tasks per note to prevent a cluttered mess.

Are you ready to get your desk back in order and finally organize your endless stack of tasks and notes? We thought so! Stock up on sticky notes in fun colors and use the tips above to guide you to a well-organized life. And just for fun, check out even MORE ways in which you can use the handy little notes: 50 Ways to Use Post-it Notes (our favorite is #15!). Let us know how sticky notes have changed your life by leaving a comment below and be sure to connect with us on Facebook!

2 thoughts on “How to use sticky notes effectively

  1. I love sticky notes, especially the edge to edge stickies. I am annoyed though if some of my sticky notes don’t stay on well. Why in the world Should one have to buy super sticky notes. They should all stick. That is their main purpose. 🙂

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